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Nate, Cece and Sadie were whispering as Katie and I walked over to them

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Nate, Cece and Sadie were whispering as Katie and I walked over to them. "Hi." Katie said, sitting at the booth with them.

"We have big news." Nate said.

"I wanna tell them-" Cece cut him off.

"Lilly and Harper are coming today!" Sadie said. Katie dropped her crayons. "Yeah."

"Should we be happy?" I asked.


"Give then the tea then!" Nate said and Cece giggled.

"Okay, their ages range from like, 3-5." Sadie said and both me and Katie gasped. "So they're the oldest in the group and they think they are better than us too. They will boss you around and threaten to tell on us even if we didn't do anything. And they make fun of you for everything. Like, just because you're older than me doesn't mean you're better."

"Sofia that means you're the youngest." Nate told me.

"I'm not." I folded my arms.

"Yes you are. You're six months to one and a lot of the times you are around six months. Everyone else is above one." Nate said.


"It's okay though!" Cece said quickly and gave a mean look to Nate. "You still know how to put up with those bitches."

"Cece!" We all gasped. You can't swear because then you'll get in trouble. Well, not me because I don't have a list so I'm a free bird. Maybe daddy isn't making rules for me.

"Sh, I'm already paciless for today."

"That must suck." I mumbled. I got mine!

"Here they are." Nate said. The club door opened, and a second later I saw two men, and two girls with them. One had sunglasses on, the other one was starring at her phone.

Daddy said I shouldn't have my phone with me when I'm in bed, or when we're with other people cause it's rude.

"Go over to them and be nice." I heard one man say and they two walked in our direction, but pulled out chairs and sat at their own table.

We didn't do anything but went to drawing. I grabbed a yellow and drew a circle then a few lines around it, then got a green and coloured some grass.

I snuck a look at them and saw they were just on their phone. "What?" One asked. I quickly went back to colouring. They don't even know me, why are they being rude. 

"We have lunch ready for you guys so up you get and go over to the bar." Daddy said and I smiled. He already knew what I wanted and picked me up, putting me on his hip and waited for the others to slide out of the booth. "Lilly, Harper, get up."

"We aren't eating." Harper said without looking up from her phone.

"Then come over and be polite." Daddy said sternly.

Lilly looked up and saw me. "Who's she?" She asked.

"I don't think your daddy would like that tone." Daddy ignored the rude question.

Both girls got up, grabbing their phones and walked away. Yeah! Don't mess with my daddy! "They're a little mean." I whispered.

"They don't know you baby, just let them adjust." Daddy told me and I nodded okay. He sat me down next to Katie and Nate and put the sandwich in front of me. "No ketchup."

"Thank you." I said politely. He leaned over the bar and kissed me then walked back over to Paul.

"Did you go to the Winter Fair?" Nate asked me and I nodded.

"My daddy won me a octopus, he's blue and I named him Candy." I said proudly.

"Cool! I'm going soon I think." Nate said, but Lilly scoffed, she got up and walked over to her daddy and said something to him and he shook his head no. Maybe she's getting in trouble. Or asking to do something.

Speaking of...

I really have to pee. I jumped up quickly and walked over to daddy but I was too late. It came out of no where.

Daddy looked at me then down at my legs. He rushed over to me, picking me up and quickly carried me down to the washroom. "Hold it baby." He told me, rushing me into the washroom and bringing me to a stall.

"I'll be right back okay?" I nodded shyly, he was gone only for a minute, then came back with a cloth and wetted it. I finished and wiled then went out to him. "Panties off princess, they're wet."

"I don't have anything others." I whined.

"Sofia, you shouldn't have waited for the last minute to tell me you had to go to the washroom." He said sternly. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

"Well I didn't and now I don't have panties." I muttered, he gripped on my jaw and lowered his face to me.

"We may have not set rules, but we are. But you sure as hell know I told tolerate your sarcasm, including your little eye roles. You didn't tell me you had to go so you can't get mad at me. If you didn't know, that's an accident, if you did and didn't want to interrupt me, you are fully capable of going yourself." He said to me. I froze. "Next time I'm bending you over and there is nothing stopping me."

"Okay." Was all I was able to squeak out.

"That's not what you say." He said in a taunting tone.

"I'm sorry daddy." I corrected myself.

"Well you'll take your punishment well by not having any panties on." He kissed me lightly and let go of me, "so panties off."

I sulked as I stepped out of my half wet panties and handed it to him.

"I need to finish up a few things here then I can take you home."

"Can you stay?" I asked as he picked me up.

"Yes baby, I can stay."



Whenever daddy stays over, Duke gets to stay over too because he is just a puppy and can't be left alone for the night.

"Maybe one day we can bring Duke to the barn daddy." I said from the floor as I rubbed his tummy.

"Do you think the horses would like that?" He asked from the kitchen.

"Yeah." I said, "I think. I dunno. Gotta try."

Daddy came out to me with a pen and notebook, "come sit on my lap for me princess." He said and I nodded, quickly getting up to my feet then sitting down on one of his legs. "We are setting rules baby. You have been walking around thinking you can push me but that is not what happens."

Uh oh.

We sat there for a while, Duke laying next to us the entire time.

These are the rules we came up with.

No swearing
No rolling eyes
No sarcasm
No mouthing off
No wetting pants intentionally

No panties for a certain amount of times
No paci
No cummies

He said things can be added at any certain time.

He also said he wasn't going to take away my Skittles because she is my comfort stuffie, and we settled on if there isn't some big comp happening, my riding privileges are taken away. One time only a week, maybe two if I'm pushing it.

Extra bedtime stories
Juice after bed time
Extra screen time

And more can be added!

I like the rewards list better.

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