The Disaster

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           I was dissatisfied since the girl was not as enthralled by me as I was by her. Impossible! Man, get your act together! To stay focused, I had to mentally smack myself. 
          Trying to calm Dex down was no easy task. The only thing that drew me out of my mental effort to get him back to sleep, or at the very least on a leash, was seeing the same lovely mystery girl pushed to the front.
          "What is going on?" I mind-linked Mike who looks bewildered.
          Before responding, he glanced at me for a moment, as if to see if I was okay "They're making her the hunt's main target. What have you been up to?"
        His eyes said it all, he was clearly criticizing me for my lack of attention.
        " What do you mean the main target?" My mind was clearly refusing to process the information that it just received.
       "I don't know what the girl did but I still don't think this is right." Cass's message hit straight home as if she took the words out of my mouth.
        Mike's eyes were drilling into my head, so I eventually spun around and stared him down. He quickly glanced down, as though he didn't want to challenge me.
       "I know that look and Alpha I don't think you should interfere." He mumbled without looking at me.
        Since when did Mike start to take things seriously? Even Mike recognizes the importance of today's pack treaty, so I shouldn't mess it up, especially over a girl I just saw. But I can't sit by and watch a girl who isn't a rouge get ripped apart by a pack of hormonally unstable wolves wanting to show off.
         The hunt had begun before I even realized it. I couldn't wait to get off my arse and look for her. I wanted to make sure she was all right. I'm not sure what's going on with me, but it's not a pleasant feeling. I would have recognized her if she had been my mate. But why is my wolf acting so strangely if she isn't my mate?
        "Shadow legion," I called through the mind link.
        The captain of the shadow legion Dwayne didn't take long to answer, "Yes, Alpha."
       "Make sure the girl who became a prey is not hurt but do it discretely do not leave a single piece of evidence behind that will be traced back to you," I commanded.
        "Yes, Alpha," I like his determined voice. He is the best at getting things done quietly and neatly.
        I keep on repeating to myself that it is okay to sit back and trust Dwayne to deliver like he always did. After what felt like a millennial had passed I felt Dwayne's presence in my mind.
I didn't give him time to say anything before bombarding him with questions, "Talk to me Dwayne what is going on? Is she okay? She is not hurt, is she?"

"Alpha she is okay," Dwayne said after a little pause, perplexed. I couldn't figure out why he seemed so worried if she was fine and nothing had occurred.

   "Good, she is okay," I said relief flowing throughout my body.

 "Can you explain what happened ?" I asked. The howl that indicates the end of the hunt was heard at that moment which means she is still alive even though the hunt is over.

         "Were you able to extract her safely?" At this point, I am mentally punching Dwayne for being so slow at explaining things.
          "No Alpha I didn't do anything." Did he just say he didn't do anything? But the girl still survived?
          "How? How is that possible?" I was frustrated.
          "The cave she went in to hide caved in and killed and heavily injured everyone else that was there except her." Dwayne took a deep breath after he finished his report as if even he couldn't believe what he just said even though he saw it with his own eyes.
         There was a brief pause as we both tried to make sense of the knowledge we had.
        "I apologize for my inaptitude Alpha," the silence was cut short by his curt apology.
         "Just keep an eye on the situation," I instructed before cutting off our connection.
         I was tempted to rush over to her, but I resisted the temptation by reminding myself that it would be foolish of me to exhibit my weakness in front of others and that the agreement we had just reached was critical.
         When I looked at Stephan, he appeared to be on the verge of ripping someone's head off.
           His Luna was trying her best to cool him down but it looked like even she was having a hard time staying cool.
Don't mess this up! Stay put! I was drilling these words in my head to cool down.
           Not long after I saw one of the guards carrying her on his shoulder making his way towards what I believe to be the prison.
           Alpha Stephan turned around at that moment and flashed us with a forced smile that said I am trying to keep it cool but I am failing miserably.
           "As you can tell there has been an unforeseen disaster that I need to take care of please make yourself feel welcome." His eye colors were shifting back and forth between light blue and dark blue showing his wavering control over his wolf.
            After stating that he is going to check on the situation, he walked away, leaving Luna Clara to handle the problem. "I apologize for the disarray that is unfolding in front of you," she began after a brief look around. "We are doing our best to figure out what is truly going on."

           She called one of the pack members to come toward where she was standing by flicking her fingers. "Sam here will be showing you to the guest rooms." 
           Sam was a very tall and scrawny-looking redhead teenager who looked about ready to shit his pants when he made eye contact with me.
            In a distance, pack members were carrying what looked like injured and dead hunters and running to the infirmary.
          Sam approached me with caution in his eyes that are filled with panic and fear. I know being in my presence is already unnerving but he was also having a hard time moving his body in my direction and fighting the urge of running off to help at the accident site.
         "Take the lead," I commanded.
         He leaped to the front and claimed the lead without hesitation.
         "This way, Alpha," he murmured, bowing down and exposing his neck as a symbol of submission and respect while pointing his right arm towards a road that the pack members did not seem to use very often.
          He waited for me to begin walking before beginning to lead us to our destination. He walked in a peculiar manner. He appeared to be on the edge of wetting himself, and I don't believe it has anything to do with my presence or that of my pack members.
         The pack members were running around frantically and sounds of different members weeping are also heard.
          The guest house was a modern mansion made with glasses located away from the pack house and the pack member's housing. The inside was neat and newly furnished.
           "Do you want me to show you around?" He questioned while standing at the door.
           "No we got it from here, thank you for the guide," Cass said looking satisfied with the arrangement.
          "It was my honor." Said Sam as he shyly retreated, closed the door, and sprinted towards what I believe is the accident area. I can see my other pack members stationed around the house.
            "Don't you guys think this is a little too barbaric? Isn't it over the line?" I felt ridiculous waiting for them to validate my behavior.
          "This whole incident is sketchy." Cass sneered.
          "The is the understatement of the year." Mark countered as he looked at her.
          Okay, so my behavior is not out of the ordinary. I would have responded the same way if it was anybody else as well.
          "At least she is okay." The words slipped out of my mouth before I could hold my tongue.
          "What?" Two heads with bulging eyes turned my way as if to demand an answer.
         "Nothing," I said with the most serious and nonchalant voice I can muster.
         They both looked at me sideways. I ignored their doubtful eyes and got back to speculating the information I heard to make sense of it.
          "What? Are you worried?" A playful smirk was fighting its way around Cass's face.
          "The big bad Wolf, worried?" Mark's annoying baby sound was not helping to keep the thin thread that was holding my patience together any favor.
           "We all know he is too bad for that." It didn't take long for both of them to start laughing, as if the only joy they had in life is making fun of me. Pathetic!

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