Tamayo catch up

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Manga spoilers on the friends and family one and maybe some more. Idk just be careful for spoilers. If I got something wrong from the manga I apologize, I haven't read it in a long time.

A/N: Finally here with the Tamayo Catch up! Sorry for the wait everyone.

How you two met

You were walking around at night in the mountain you lived in and just enjoying the light breeeze that swished your hair and the cool yet warm tempature. It was a perfect night.

Until a demon attacked

So now you were running for your life, the demon very close to catching up

You were lead to a cliff that had many sharp rocks downhill.

The demon not far behind you so you did the most risky move you would probably do ever in your entire life and you jumped just to catch onto a branch

The demon was dumb and didn't see the cliff so it fell and caught onto your leg with it claws leading to big deep bloody scratches before the demon fell down. The demon was bloody on the ground but recovered quickly and now waited for you to loose your grip

And you did. You fell on the rocky downhil your body earning several deep gashes (some may or may not cause scars) and finally you hit a rock, your head starting to bleed

You barely held any concioussness left and the last thing you saw was a lady and a green haired man


After several hours later your eyes slowly fluttered open. Your whole body was sore and weak and you struggled to even hold your eyes open

A women sat beside you and introduced herself. She told you what happened and that she's treating you but you only picked up on her name "Tamayo"

For the upcoming days Tamayo took care of you and nursed you back to health. She actually let you live with her much to a green haired mans dismay

You make them blush

After the incident you needed new clothes since your s was compelately torn

Tamayo knew you couldn't be up moving nor that she can go out in the daylight to find you some

So you got a spare robe

You didn't know how to tighten the robe so your chest area was nearly exposed

When Tamayo saw you with Yushiro both of them blushed bright red

Tamayo ran towards you eyes closed and tightened the robe for you

When they try to attempt kabedon

Sorry to dissapoint but I really can't see her attempting this at her own free will
You probably urged her to do it and she did
She looked cute when she did it
"I warned you that my attempt on whatever this is would not satisy you" you laughed her off and told her she did great anyways

When they accidently hurt you

You two were fighting a demon and Tamayo used her blood demon art

Tamayo realized she did it too early and tried to warn you but you were too caught up so you accidently inhaled some of it

After the demon had died brutally she quickly went somewhere so she could treat you

She felt very guilty and apologized to you about this but you hugged her and forgave her

Yushiro thought all of this was your fault

Pocky challange

She thought the challange was a bit silly but agreed to do it just because it made you happy

She realized what the game was about and began to blush a little

When your lips finally met she lost her composure and let go. You were smiling in victory while eating the pocky

When you two are having a snowball fight

You dragged Tamayo out of her work when you saw fresh snow laying on the ground

Tamayo jerked and covered her face with her arms when you threw a snowball at her that was aimed at her face

She quickly began to make her own snowballs and threw them at you and the game was on

She laughed and had a great time

Maybe she wouldn't tell you this but she used to have sowballs fight with her kids when she was still human.  The memories brought her to tears

They walk in on you changing

She just needed something from her lab. For some reason you decided to change your clothes there

She walked in and her cheeks turned red and heated up

"O-oh I'm so sorry" She said and quickly walked out of the door

She would never tell you this but your exposed flesh made her drool

What their friends and family think of her

Well she doesn't have any family because you know- she killed them

But she does have Yushiro

Yushiro is jealous and kinda angry that he wasn't the one that won Tamayo's heart but he is happy that Tamayo's happy. In his eyes as long as you treat her like the goddess she is he's cool with you

I'm gonna add Shinobu here since they respect each other now and yada yada

Shinobu was suprsied when she found out that you were Tamayo's lover. She made some comment about you two dating, doesn't matter if you're human or a demon Shinobu will lay some salty comments anyways. That was only at the beggining though, she's cool now and has accepted both of you

Although if you're a demon Shinobu holds distrust for you like Tamayo and if you're human she thinks you're foolish to fall in love with a demon

They meet your ex

Well your ex was an asshole, arrogant, self centered, doesn't know when to keep their mouth shut. An awful partner and now ex

They saw you with Tamayo, they did not know of demons so

Let's just say that your ex laid some disgusting comments about you and Tamayo. Tamayo got fed up and tried to leave but your ex blocked her way

"Please, move. Me and Y/N would like to go on with our date" Your ex smirked and continued with their annoying actions

When your ex finally took a step too far disrespecting you completely Tamayo slapped them

Your ex had the most shocked expression ever. Tamayo grabbed your hand and led you away

Tamayo regretted loosing her cool but you just fell for her all over again

When you die

You died thanks to Muzan and worst of all you sacrificed yourself for her. She saw you dying right in front of her and that threw her in a fit of rage

She became more violent and agressive but she still tried to be strategic and logical, hoping not that her emotions clouded her judgement too much

Even if Tamayo would die she wasn't sure if she was ever gonna see you again. Mostly because she had a place in the afterlife she plans to go to willingly

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