22- The Video

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Michelle pov

After a few hours I got a text from Bear saying that he is waiting for me outside, I said goodbye to Gracie and Eleanor but they were too focused on kissing each other silly to notice me. I just told Oliver to tell them that I said goodbye.

Asher walked me out "Listen thanks for being my friend , I really appreciate it" I said as we stopped. "No problem, just please take my advise, Ivanov is a bad guy trust me."he said. The Ferrari's did warn me but I don't take anything serious that comes out of their mouth because 99,99% of the time it is bullshit.

But Asher is a nice and well mannered guy , I doubt he would just spin a story like that. But innocent until proven guilty right? If Nicklaus really is a bad guy his true colors will show sooner or later. We hugged bye until Bear yelled out of the window "Ooi hands off !" which made me laugh, after that I climbed in car.

"You had fun?" Bear asked lifting his eyebrows playfully. "Shut up, he's just a friend" I said hitting him on the shoulder. "Whatever you say little sister" he said driving off with his car.

"You know I heard dad talking with Ben and Cooper about getting you a car" Bear said still focused on the road. "Ah cool, as long as I don't have to give Sabrina lifts, I have no complaints" I said while still texting with Carmen and Charlie.

"I don't think you have to worry about it, dad already gave her, her phone back a while ago and now that she said the sorry daddy, I'm not going to do it again speech, all is forgotten and forgiven" he said mocking Sabrina.

"Clearly your father has a favorite child, I do have a question for you tho." I said. "Shoot sis, what is it?" he asked looking at me after he parked the car in the garage. "Sabrina is your twin right, so why don't you, I don't know take her side more?" I asked curious.

"Because what she did to you is not right and I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive her, and neither should you. Sabrina is like a soul sucking banshee she is nothing but bad news" he said looking at me.

"Bro, you watch too much movies" I said laughing. "Well okay, what would you call her?" he asked. "I just would've said she is like the wicked witch of the west but yours work too." I said smiling.

"We should probably go inside before the banshee tells dad it's past curfew" he said climbing out of the car. I didn't even know we had a curfew but no one tells me anything in this house anyways.

I also climbed out of the car and was about to head upstairs when I got a message from Asher but when I opened it, it was a video. I pushed play and to my surprise it was Sabrina and Nick.

"I need you to seduce my sister so you can break her heart and when you are done, we are going to make her so sad she is going to run away and get far away from here" Sabrina said practically hanging on him.

"Anything for you my love." Nicklaus said and then kissed her. What the hell! Asher was right Nicklaus is a total dick. Did he even tell the truth about what happen that night he was beat up?

I stormed up the stair screaming "Sabrina!" I don't care if I wake anyone up right now I'm going to murder that bitch. I pounded with my fist against her door but no answer so I just opened the damn door and who would have thought.

She was laying in her bed in her underwear with a naked Nicklaus hovering over her. "You bitch!" I yelled getting their attention. Both of them whispered shit and Nick quickly got up to get dressed and Sabrina jumped off the bed walking to me.

"Michelle, it is not like what it looks like" she pleased with me. "Don't do that with me I'm not an idiot plus I heard about the little deal you have going on with this asshole" I said pointing at an awkward Nicklaus.

"Well you heard wrong" she said. This bitch really is delusional so I pulled out my phone and played the video. "Okay you got us, is it so wrong of me to want to get you out of our lives! The only thing you have done since you got here is ruin my life." she yelled getting very close to my face.

"Do you think I want to be here huh? With your pathetic family, the only people I will make an exception for is Bear and Maggie and maybe Isabella(still having mix thoughts about her) they are too good for your psychotic family." I said calm. "Well at least I know I am loved but you, you are just a pathetic little girl who is going to end up all alone because no one in this world is ever going to be able to love you" she yelled spitting in my face.

I heard the rest of the Ferrari's at the door asking what was going on but I have had it with this bitch, next thing I knew I gave her an uppercut. She was shocked, but soon recovered and tackled me but she wasn't going to win. I beat the shit out of her and when her family saw their pathetic little girl was losing they pulled me off her.

Bear, Isabella and Maggie was holding me back. "Take her to Maggie's room" Ricardo ordered the 3 of them while Vivienne checked on her little girl. When we got in Maggie's room Bear suddenly burst into laughter "What's so funny? Our sisters almost just killed each other" Isabella said not amused.

"Sorry Isa, but Ellie was going to kill Sabrina, that witch had no chance" Bear told her. "Yeah totally, you were so badass" Maggie said giving me a high five. "Thanks, but I'm probably in huge trouble" I said sitting on Mag's bed.

"No I don't think so, our parents heard what Sabrina said they have to take that into account." Isabella said. "Come on Isa, you know that mom and dad totally adore Sabrina in their eyes she is the perfect child even with all her flaws." Bear said while he and Maggie came and sat next to me.

"Guess I'm not getting that car now" I said to Bear. "No the banshee is probably going to get a new car" he said putting his arm around me. "Banshee?" Maggie asks confused. "New nickname for Sabrina" I said playing with her pony.

"Ah cool I like it, it is fitting."she said making me laugh."Hey why did you go to Sabrina's room in the first place?" Isabella asked coming over and sitting next to Maggie on the bed. "That is a very long story, but I'll tell you all later" I told them.

"Well,we will have your back no matter what" Maggie said, I pulled her into a side hug. "We probably should get you cleaned up" Isabella said standing up walking to the Maggie's bathroom to get the first aid.

Yeah I beat the shit out of Sabrina but she got in a few hits too. Tomorrow I'm going to look like hell but at least I can have a piece of mind because for Sabrina it is going to be 10 times worse.

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