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Adalynn's Point of View:

Adalynn glances around the room. She's been trying to read for the past hour, but nothing seems to be holding her attention.

The hybrid at the door isn't helping at all. She knows her name is Kimberly, but her angry aura has kept Adalynn at a distance. Most of Klaus's hybrid slaves have warmed up to her, but there are still a few that despise anyone not under his control. She can't blame them in the slightest considering she feels the same.

"I have been looking for you."

Adalynn looks up to see Klaus enter the room. Her attitude towards him varies depending on his proximity to her mother, especially because his emotions seem to be a bit tamer in her presence. Without her, they are much more twisted and powerful than she can stand.

"Me?" She clarifies, setting down the book she really isn't reading. She doesn't even bother to mark the page.

"Well, I figured you would be with your mother," he admits, looking around the room. "I haven't seen her since arriving. Where is she?"

He's upset. Something isn't going his way and the aura that surrounds him reflects that, "Are you disappointed that she didn't come running the second you got back?"

Klaus looks pointedly at her, "You don't know her very well if you think that's something she would do. Let alone me expecting that of her."

Adalynn rolls her eyes. He's not immediately biting her head off. What could he possibly want?

Klaus smirks before she can ask him, and she quickly narrows her eyes at his cockiness.

"What?" She questions.

His eyes sparkle as he says, "Your expression resembles Clara's when she's onto me."

She pauses, unsure of what to say to that. He shakes his head, almost as if to rid himself of a thought.

"Do you know where she is?" He asks.

"I do," Adalynn says, "she's out of town taking care of some business. Before you ask, I'm not sure when she'll be back—"

"But she will..." he trails off, almost unsure as to why he even started speaking, "come back?"

A small reassuring nod, "Of course. She promised."

He looks away for a moment and she watches as relief fills the air around him. It's not very often that she would relay her mother's messages, but she made one point very clear: Klaus will ask until you answer, and you might as well be honest before he finds a way to get it out of you.

There's a soft buzz against her hip as her phone vibrates. Checking the message is decently easy as she's still trying to learn the basic functions of the device but getting to the reply part keeps tricking her up.

Jeremy: SOS. My house.

It's early still, which is why it's strange to see Jeremy's name flash on her screen. He usually sleeps late on days he doesn't have school.

She quickly types back: On my way.

Klaus watches as she stands and heads toward the corridor. She feels his eyes on her as he follows her to the grand staircase where her purse and jacket are resting on the bottom step.

"Where are you going?" He wonders, his tone lacking any curiosity.

But her magical senses see past that. His aura is dripping curiosity and a hint of concern.

She chooses not to comment on it.

Yet, it makes her answer honestly, "Jeremy texted me. Something's wrong."

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