im done trying to keep up with days

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You are in the bakery right now just waiting what are you waiting for you have no idea. Sunny told you to wait at the bakery and when you asked him why he just ran off so now your sitting waiting of course the bakery was open but no one was in it right now.

Time skip

It's now been 2 hours and your still waiting. Someone walked in and you were about to welcome them until you realize it was monty "oh hi monty" you say looking back at your phone "wow all the customers get a nice welcome and I just get a 'hi monty' you make me feel so loved y/n" monty says dramatically putting his hand over his heart "sorry monty I'm just really bored" you say "well I have something important to ask you" he says getting closer "monty back up" you say pushing his chest a little "will you go on a date with me?" He asks "oh um actually I like some one sorry I hope your not mad" you say. Just then sunny and moony walk into the bakery "hey over sized lizard why are you so close to y/n" moon asks "hey moony" you say pushing monty off of you. You walk over to moon and sunny and hug them both "hi sunny" you say pating his head. Monty gets a idea a very bad idea "come on babe let's go get dinner" monty says snaking his arm around your waist. Sunny and moon look at him as if he killed there dog "I'm sorry what the FUCK did you just say to y/n" moon says pissed sun was so surprised he didn't yell at moon "I'm not your girlfriend" you say pushing Monty away

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