An Update

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I decided to go through this book and edit some of my older rants, I've wanted to for a little while now. I published it in 2019, and while most of my opinions are still the same, (some have slightly changed, but still pretty solid), back then I had obviously never done anything like publicly hosting my opinions, therefore I kind of skimped out on clarifying things better.

Nor did I really think many people would read it beyond just my friends and forum users I knew. Plus I got tired of having to explain the same things in comments to different people. Some rants had a few grammar errors too, yes I did a rant on not editing and have errors in the very same book. I never said I wasn't a hypocrite.

I also was a lot more vulgar in my older rants. I wanted to come off more offensive/blunt to get my message across loud and strong. I'm still vulgar now and will continue to be. But, I've changed pretty largely as a person in the past years. And with audience growth and wanting to be more "reader-friendly", I've toned down a bit.

I just wanted to explain why some things are now different from what I previously said, and to also acknowledge that I fully know I used to come off like more of an annoying, edgy asshat than I do now.

On to a slightly different note, this has hit 10,000 reads. And after I post this, it would've already gained 100 more reads since then in only two days. 

I've sort of grown a little community and recognize reoccurring users that don't even follow me or comment but just vote.

It's been pretty interesting so far. From seeing more people than I thought agree with me, getting people to think more, and listening to different takes... to debating people, getting the occasional Karen reader who explodes on me in my comments, people who take me out of context, and the random users who I've never even interacted that have me blocked most likely for something I said here. 

And fuck am I excited to experience more of both sides.

So yeah, thanks for 10K ಥ‿ಥ

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