The EP

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Your pov

I wake up and see that I'm naked. I remember what happened last night and blushed a bit. I look over and see Maki also naked clinging to my arm.

I smiled and just laid back down and waited till she woke up.

Later that day

I woke up to see Maki still asleep. I just get out of bed and take a shower then get dressed and go to work at my music computer. I look at the note I left on my table, reading "come hang out". Welp, time to start making music.


After a bit me, izuku, and shoto ended the call since we finished the skeleton of the instrumental, the beat and bass.

I look behind me and see Maki in nothing but a big sweat shirt and panties. She just grabs my hand and brings me back to bed. She rested her head on my chest and wrapped her limbs around my torso and waist.

Me: um sweetie?

Maki: *grumble*

Me: Maki, you need to stop sleeping so much, it makes you more tired.

Maki: mmm but I don't wanna.

Me: if you do, I'll snuggle with you all day afterwards.

Maki just jumps out of bed and looks at me.

Maki: we're going to the mall!

Me:... Ok 'what the hell?'

She just put on some leggings and kept the sweat shirt on.

Me: 'kay, let's go.

We get in my car and we drive to the mall.

Don't even try to ask what car this is, I have no idea

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Don't even try to ask what car this is, I have no idea.

Maki: I'm still surprised you have a car and a driving license.

Me: well, I really didn't have anything to do since I had a lot of free time. And my dad got me this car.

Maki: you've never really talked about your family. Can I meet them some day.

We stop at a red light, and look at the steering wheel.

Me: no, only my dad.

Maki: u-um ok.

We get to the mall and get out of my car.

Me: so, where to first?

Maki: hm... Oh, let's go to GameStop (like I said, a world where everything is different do to copyright except games and game companies like Nintendo and Microsoft, and sort of GameStop, are they a game company... Ok they are. Sony doesn't count).

We walk into the GameStop and I see a huge poster for Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Me: hm, might get that.

Maki was looking at the plushies and Amiibo. (I literally spent a whole 2 minutes trying to find the plural term for Amiibo)

I walk over to her.

Me: which one you looking for?

Maki: I'm looking for the Ice Climbers, there the last ones I need to complete my collection.

Me: you collect Amiibo?

Maki: only the Smash bros ones.

I just step to the side and see the Ice Climbers.

Me: huh

I just grab it and hand it to her.

Maki:... Show off. But thanks babe.

She kissed my cheek.

I look at the games and just grab Legends: Arceus, and another pair of Joycons with another controller grip so we both have full controllers to use.

We get to the register and check out our items.

Maki: let's go to a café!

Me: ok.

We walk into a cafe and she orders a boba and I order coffee.

Maki: Are you-

Me: yes.

Maki: I didn't even-

Me: I know what you're gonna say, "are you going to work all night long" and the answer is, yes, Yes I am.

Maki:... How the HE-

Timeskip few months

Izuku, Shoto, and I have decided to release an EP instead of a full album since it was more work than planned.

The EP is call "What Everyone's Thinking"  consisting of the songs:
Come Hang Out, Weak, Turning Out, I'm Not Famous, and No Grass Today

We were disappointed that we couldn't get the whole album out but we liked the EP.

I was walking to the kitchen and I feel arms rap around me.

Me: Maki? Are you ok?

She didn't answer and just kept hugging me.

Me: *sigh* let's go to bed.

I turn around and see her with closed eyes.

I pick her up bridal style and carry her to our room, and I lay down and lay her on my chest.

Me: Maki... I think I'm gonna take a break for a bit after we release the full album.

She leans up to me and kissed me.

Maki: I'm glad.

I cup her face and kiss her.

Me: maybe we could go on a trip, to get out of the house.

We started to transition into making out. Which lead to taking off clothes. Which lead to- you get it.

Chapter end

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