Heaven and Hell

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Uranus is indeed a genius, he has already healed millenniums ago, but he didn't reveal himself until now, that was due to him thinking that we would all unite to fight against him

So he did what he could, to wait, and he waited and made small incidents that wouldn't be big enough for us Olympians to think of as a threat

As Zeus was becoming more arrogant with his title, he knew he was the easiest target among us Olympians, so he used and tempted him while controlling him when he refused some of his propositions and would erase all traces of himself in Zeus' memories

Many gods and titans have died due to the Titanomachy, including Chronos which was the strongest titan, this was the plan that Uranus thought of when he retreated to the heavens and made Chronos think that he was dead

Uranus used the prophecy to make his son paranoid as well as use them to kill the titans

After we won, he then made Zeus, the king of the gods, split the powers and domains that we each rule over so as to provoke us, implying that he has no use for us anymore and will give each of us a territory, it only worked on Poseidon

Somehow, he found a piece of the sword that I crafted at the belly of my father, the sword made from a pieace of the true body of Gaia, and he used the aura and latched it on my created guardians so that I would go and investigate Gaia and talk to her

Uranus thought that there would not be any way for me to talk with Gaia, and Gaia won't just come to a god, no matter their importance or power, so he thought that I would take at least 10 years to try and find some way to summon Gaia before ultimately making one myself

After that, he would attack the underworld first as it only has one way in and out, he used his elite forces to deal with my army and he was confident that they would get rid of them completely since each of the soldiers in his elite forces were personally created by him as well as their equipment

He underestimated my forces, now he is currently recuperating his elite forces, it took him 10,000   years to create all of them and almost half of them are dead, but the problem is that there are still 50,000 of them even when they are halved

My army could only win due to the help of my wives and subordinates as well as my children

Normally, a messenger would spread the news but he planned to close the gates of hell so that no one would escape, he would then target the second strongest faction which is the ocean where Poseidon rules over, after their downfall, it didn't matter if the news spread towards other factions since the three rulers of the world are now absent from commanding

But before he would target Poseidon, he would target me by setting a fake clue about how to summon Gaia and ambush me with his master knights which were the strongest force of his army consisting of only 100 which all of them have the power equal to a normal god and he himself would also lead the ambush

This news would not reach anyone since I do not have anyone with me

I guess he was so sure that there was no way to summon Gaia that he would just send me on a goose chase, but I think he noticed the aura of Gaia descending to earthen soil so he ordered his forces to retrieve my children as hostages

I then stood up from my chair that I was sitting on and smiled like a devil and clapped my hands once

Well then, let's butcher the old bag of shit who thinks he can harm my cute baby girls, I will personally butcher every part of his body including his organs and feed it to the dogs, all while he can feel the pain of that, he he he~


It was now the next day and I stood in front of a podium and looked at the army I was in front of which was my army

They were training and still found ways to be happy despite almost looking their friends and comrades just a while ago, I'm really amazed at how mortal, well, technically they live forever so they are immortals but I'll still call them mortals

Mortals rise up from the deepest of despair and even finds a way to smile and be happy, this is one of the good sides of mortals

They all saw me and quickly ran into formation, Lucifer saw me and went close to me to salute me, I then looked at the army that Lucifer was in charge of while I was not currently leading it

"You all have experienced death, I know that you are all scared, and I know this is a selfish request of mine, but I wish for all of your aide to help me get back my daughters"

I said with energy combined with my voice so that everyone could hear it

"What are you saying my lord? You have brought prosperity to us"

One of the soldiers in the army said

"Lord Hades doesn't need to apologize, it is the Lord's family, and we will gladly risk our lives to rescue them"

Another continued

"Lord Hades has done so much for us and the people of the kingdom, it is time we give back, right?!"

A soldier yelled an then raised his sword, then more and more of the soldiers' raised their weapons until all of them lifted their weapons up high

I smiled at how trustworthy my army is, I know that even if they were caught or tortured, they would still remain loyal

So this takes care of the morale of the army, so the only thing is to improve the secret weapon that the cyclopes, hecatoncheires, and Hephaestus were currently working on

I summoned a portal and walked through it, and arrived at the smithy where they were currently making the weapon

The weapon was usually going to be made from the tears of blood from Eros and infernal rocks from Tartaros, I am Eros now so I gave them a blood tear from me and made 5 large infernal rocks back then for them to start

I then told Hephaestus who stood up and wiped the swear from her face with a towel on her right shoulder

"Father, what brings you here? The weapon is not ready yet" She asked and mentioned

"I've just come to convey a message" I said then told them what to do

The message I told them was about making a better weapon, they all got extremely hyped up

I told them to make something that could slash the whole of heaven entirely, they were surprised and immediately looked like they lost their motivation when I said that

Most of the Cyclopes and Hecatoncheires were discussing about such an impossible thing when Hephaestus spoke

"It's not impossible father"

She said, she then explained to me about the characteristics of the weapon and what I needed to bring, and it has to be urgently and quickly ovtained since the war that will start at sea will begin after a month

The first things were the pole weapons of the three brothers Zeus, Poseidon and Hades, then pieces of earth from the true body of Gaia, infuse them together and merge them together and make the putline of the weapon, then imbue some enhancements and buffs on it as well as Anti-Healing and Death energy from Thanatos

Then, melt it again and melt it with Thunder Wolf Fangs, Leather from Leo, Poison from a basilisk, tears from a phoenix, etc.

The abilities of the said weapon would be unknown due to its power alone and the only thing know would be that it will be strong enough to slice through heaven

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