Chapter 10

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Caelum's POV

I look down at the sleeping beauty in my arms and move some hair behind her ear to see her gorgeous features.

My view goes down to the mark on her neck and the memories from last night flood in.

She's really mine.

Her naked body is snuggled against my chest, making me feel warmth and admiration. Sure I met her about a week ago, but I love her like we've been together for a lifetime.

I carefully pull away from her, putting a pillow in my place then kissing her forehead. "I love you." I whisper, pulling the blanket back over her shoulders.

I go into my closet in search for clothing. I pick some fresh black boxers, a pair of grey sweatpants, and decide to go topless.

Walking into the bathroom, I brush my teeth, use my facial cleanser and moisturizer, then close the door behind me.

I make sure Tia is still in her comfortable slumber. I catch myself staring at my absolutely stunning mate. I mean who could blame me? What is there not to love? She's perfect.

Pulling myself from my thoughts, I head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for my mate. But of course, my mother beat me to it.

I walk up to my mother giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Good morning mama." I greet.

"Good morning my dear son. Wait, your scent is different. What happened? Oh and where's Tia? Is she feeling okay?" She bombards me with questions.

"Tia's fine she's sound asleep." I steer away from the other questions.

"And your scent?" Wow I love her but the woman doesn't give up!

"Umm me and Tia may have mated like mates do, now can we move on this is very awkward to talk about with my mother."

"Tia's your mate? Oh my goodness I knew it! This is so amazing! I am so happy for you son! Ohh and I'm going to get those pretty grand babies after all! But that's not the scent. I can't put my mind on it..."

"Mom I-I killed him." I say in a shaky breath not know how she'll react.

"I'm proud of you son." Huh? No lecture?

"You showed that you'd do anything for your mate. I proud that you're different from your father, and that aren't afraid to show your emotions. I'm proud that even after all you've been through you're still my loving, sensitive, cute little boy." She says pinching my cheeks at that last part.

She pulls me into her arms and I nuzzle my face into her neck. "I love you mama."

"I love you so much more, son."

"Never." I chuckle wiping the single tear from my eye.

"You're going to make an amazing Alpha."

"Oh! I can't let the waffles burn! Go get Tia! Breakfast is almost ready." She demands.

I turn around and make my way back up to our room. I open the door, and she's right where I left her.

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