Chapter 32

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What were you gonna do? Should you just go with Jungkook and solve this problem by talking rather with violence? Not violence practically; though as a figure of speech.

"Okay, Jungkook, I'll go with you. Promise me to answer all my questions?"

"Yes, I promise."

Jungkook seemed thoroughly relieved. You knew you were not supposed to be worried but you felt this unsettling feeling. It is this feeling that you just could not shake it off your mind.


You and Jungkook were striding side by side along the deserted road. You called it deserted because there were no people, but the small shops were still open with no customers in them.

You got a sudden idea.

"Jungkook, can we go have ice cream?"

We stop, and you look at Jungkook who's having a questionable expression on his face.

"You wanna go eat ice cream ... now?"

"Well yeah, we could consider it some 'us' time, you know?"

At this, Jungkook gave his signature smirk and wink which gave you freaking butterflies in your stomach. Ugh, you didn't want to eat butterflies for breakfast. You could just puke rainbows and butterflies at this point. You suddenly felt shy under his gaze.

"Okay, since you're insisting ..."

"Who said I was insisting? I just wanted ice cream."

You crossed your arms and acted like a stubborn child. This action made Jungkook chuckle and pat your head.

"Fine, let's go."

You smiled happily and tugged on his arm pulling him to a nearby stall which was selling ice cream. (Baskin & Robbins 🤭, ok no I was just joking😂)

After getting the ice cream of your preference, both of you decided to go home. Along the way, while you were consuming your ice cream, Jungkook halts which eventually makes you do the same.

"Why d'you stop?"

He just stands there and looks at you with a look of disbelief etched across his face.

Inching closer to your face, he says, "Can't you even eat an ice cream properly?"

Now, you suddenly felt self-conscious: WHAT, have I got ice cream somewhere? Realizing this, you raise your hand to wipe the ice cream off where ever it is, only to be stopped by Jungkook."

"Jungkook, what even-"

You couldn't even finish the damn sentence when you felt Jungkook's lips on yours. Yes, his lips are ON YOURS. What in the fuck-

He had aimed for your lower lip; why? You didn't know.

At this point, you didn't know what you were supposed to do: should you keep kissing him, should you keep eating your ice cream or should you find where the ice cream was on your face?

He suddenly used his tongue which made you yelp in surprise. And before you can decide what you were supposed to keep doing, he pulled back and wiped his lips and HOLY SHIT WAS IT SO FUCKING HOT. You just wanted to drop your ice cream and continue kissing him, like, what the hell you didn't think anyone would deny that that wouldn't turn them on.

Jungkook wasn't even slightly fazed; it was as if these kinds of things occur to him on a daily basis.

"What was THAT about?"

You speak up to break the awkward tension in the air.

"You had ice cream on your lips."


"You could've just told me ...! You didn't have to ... kiss me ..."

You turn away from him feeling embarrassed. What were you embarrassed about? Jungkook and you have kissed before... ARGH!

I'm cringing so hard right now.

"Don't overreact Y/N. It's not like we haven't kissed before."

You look at him with burning cheeks and see him giving you a teasing smile.

You slap his arm lightly, "Stop it! Let's just go home."

A/N: I'm having a major writer's block rn... Anyways, ENJOY! :) 

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