•Season 1 Chapter 1- A Snowy Place•

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February 12, 2022 |
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Cold. It's so cold. Walking in snow even in boots. Even if your wearing a thick coat to protect you from the coldness did not stop it. Suddenly the boy sneezed. Stopping and continued walking circles that leaves his footprints in the snow as he waits for his parents to come pick him up from the playground.

The boy there named Xander Miller. He is 6 years old at the moment. He came from a rich family. He is the heir to become the next CEO. His intelligence is no joke.

At the moment he is now walking towards the seesaw and sat there looking down even though there's no one the other side to lift him up. He heard the soft snow made soft crunching sounds, the sound of someone walking comes closer.

Suddenly he was lifted up and then down, up then down. The process repeating. He looked up and saw a (h/c) child sitting on the other edge of the seesaw.

"Why so blue? " asked the female child softly who sent a small smile towards to the male as a greeting.

"None of your business" whispered the male but enough to reach the ears of the young lady.

"... " Silence enveloped the two except the sound of the seesaw continued going up and down. The female child broke the silence.

"My name's Y/n L/n! " said the girl energetically hoping that she can befriend the boy infront of her.

"..." Silence answered Y/n as she raised a brow to the male.

"You know your cold as the winter." said the female who huffed. The male continued to stare at her.

"Xander. Xander Miller." introduced the male.

"Nice to meet you Xander. Are you still waiting for your parents to pick you up? It's already 1pm. Classes ended 2 hours ago... " said Y/n as she was curious about the male.

"Yeah their coming at 3pm." said the male as he was becoming curious of the female since she didn't talk about the male's money first.

"How about you? " asked the male as he watched the female sneeze because of the cold weather.

"Oh I just finished eating lunch and went to play here then I saw you looking gloomy. "
the female answered.

"Here take this" said the male as he took a heat cooler from the pocket of his coat. Giving it to the female, the female accepted gratefully and held the heat cooler inside her pocket now.

"Let's be friends." said the male who went down the seesaw with a huff, rubbing his hands with gloves as he walked to the female extending his hand.

The seesaw now not moving anymore the female also stood up and shaked hands with the male as a new friendship had come between the both children.

The male now smiling not looking gloomy anymore brought a smile to the female.

"Let's go to the swing and see who will go higher! Loser gotta get pinched in both cheeks by the winner!" Said the female cheerfully. Dragging the male behind her as the male tried to run properly because of the sudden force of being dragged.

"Hey I can walk alone! " said the male to the female who was grinning.

"Nope! I'm dragging you whether you like it or not hehe." said the female as she laughed. The male was the opposite though, he was annoyed that he's being dragged but still happy on gaining a friend that didn't want him for money.

The two played and in the end Y/n won. Y/n went down the swing's seat and went to the male who was pouting.

"Urghk It's nwot fwair" said the male who's cheeks are already being pinched by the female. The female laughed and continued pinching his cheeks. Stopping when she felt satisfied with the outcome.

The male's cheeks redder than before and he continued pouting. The female looked at the clock around them and saw that it's already 2:10pm.

"It's already late. I need to go home my parents will be worried if I'm gone for too long and recieve a whole speech from them." said the female who was shivering from remembering the hours of speech being given by her parents talking that bad guys will come and kidnap her and more.

"... Can you not play with me a little longer please?" asked Xander who was sad at the thought of his friend leaving him and him having nothing to do again. He heard a sigh from the female.

"Alright I'll play with you a little longer."

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