•Valentines Special <33•

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|Valentine's Special! This is not a part of the storyline but I just had to.|


|Started: February 14,2022 |
|Ended: February 14, 2022 |
|Words on this Chapter: 239|
(Their age is still the same as Season 1 Chapters 1-3)
(A short special chapter >D<)

Xander brought money with him as it was Valentine's day. The male was excited as he saw Y/n came to him greeting him.

"HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!" Shouted Y/n with a smile on her face as Xander smiled and greeted her too.

"Happy Valentine's day too! I saw a ice cream truck let's go there! My treat!" said Xander as he dragged Y/n by the wrist.

They both went to the ice cream truck and bought their ice creams.

The two were licking their ice creams. Xander chose strawberry ice cream. While Y/n chose f/ic (favorite ice cream).

When they finished Xander took something inside his jacket and when he grabbed it he presented it to Y/n with a blush. There in his hands, he was giving Y/n 3 roses.

"Thank you Xander!" said the female who gratefully accepted the roses that was given to her.

Xander smiled and did his happy dance mentally. Y/n held the roses as the two looked around more since there were stalls around too. The female spoke.

"Let's go have fun and make this a memorable day!"

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