27 | cruel betrayal

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Double update (Chapter 26 & 27)



"What do you mean?" I ask, already sensing something horrible.

Ashton sighs. "Did you know that Olivia fled to Switzerland with Roman and that they married there?"

I nod. Yes, I know it because Ian told me.

"Before they got married, Aiden had already been crushed by their betrayal," Ashton says. "Someone told him that they went to Switzerland together."

My chest tightens. I still remember that. I remember how Aiden cried after he heard that on the phone, how he was still wearing his wedding suit and was waiting for her at the altar for two consecutive nights. The pain is still very much in my heart.

"It was painful to be betrayed, but it was even more so when the ones who did it were the love of his life and his best friend," Ashton says. "Aiden was crushed, but he was also furious."

Fear starts to fill me. I'm scared to hear the rest of the story, because I can't bear knowing how much pain Aiden had to go through after that wedding disaster.

"Yes, he was angry. And he was more than entitled to be angry." Ashton's voice is filled with anger too. "After Olivia and Roman went to Switzerland, we sent our people to inspect what had been going on between them. Of course, we did. And Aiden was more than aware that we sent spies."

My heart beats fast. I don't know if I'm ready to absorb more.

"Eventually, they knew. Olivia and Roman knew that they were being followed, that their house was checked, and that we had eyes on them. It was all to confirm that they stabbed Aiden behind his back."

I listen intently even though I want to cover my ears.

It was already too much for Aiden to get his heart broken once. He didn't have to be reminded of how horrible it was.

"It was clear as day, but still, no matter how furious Aiden was, he also wanted to deny everything," Ashton says. "Deep down inside, he wanted to prove it wrong. He wished that his thought could have been wrong, so he didn't object to our inspection."

I take a deep breath, trying to calm down. I know that Ashton hasn't reached the worst part.

"But it all made Olivia stressed," Ashton continues. "I think the guilt she might have felt for Aiden made it worse. It was really stressful for her that she had Aiden's people inspecting them in Switzerland. It led to her depression, and Roman became furious."

I swallow, waiting for Ashton to reveal what happened after that.

"One day, Aiden received a message from Roman. It included something else. A video."

I can hardly breathe. It feels like all the air in my lungs is being sucked.

"It was a sex tape." Ashton closes his eyes, touching the crease between his eyebrows as he remembers the horrible thing.

I cover my mouth with my shaking hands.

How could Roman do that? It's too cruel, as if it wasn't enough for him to destroy his own best friend.

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