22. Holding on.

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Leonardo pov

You know that Helpless feeling.....

Like you can see someone is having trouble but you are restrained and can't do anything....

That's what i've been feeling like the past hours.....

It's been exactly 4 hours and 13 minutes since we arrived here in the hospital

We still are in the waiting room, looking messed up as ever....

Waiting until we get some news on our Little baby

The doctor stiched me up and gave me some meds 3 hours ago

Nobody said a word since...

It's like we lost her all over again

We failed her...


Third person pov

The doctors were busy trying to keep the tiny miniscule baby alive

She had flatlined 5 times already and the chances of her surviving were minimal

They hooked her up on a heart monitorand, an IV, a breathing mask, a feeding tube and many more wires and tubes

They all were to, worried about the little babies condition.....it didn't look good

Giovanni pov

She will be okay
She will be okay
She will be okay
She will be okay
She will be okay

I kept telling myself.....

She would be okay..........right?

She had to pull through.....

She couldn't give up on us now....not after we just got her again

She looked so scared and fragile....

So distressed from the drugs that those puttana's gave her...

But they will save her...they will

It had been 4 hours of waiting and waiting

Nobdoy had come to tell us anything...and it makes me worry even more

What if she doesn't ma-

My thoughts were interuppted by 2 doctors walking out into the waiting room

"The Luciano family?"

We all shot up and walked with them to a seperate hallway

"How is she doing"
Leo asked in a demanding tone, too, wanting to know how our Little babygirl was doing

"Well......It's not good Mr. Luciano....
I am sorry to inform you that Miss Luciano flatlined 5 times and is not in a good condition....She is severly underweight....especialy after she was born premature...She was not fed special formula for her health but we found normal milk in her system which is very dangerous for her ....she had hypothermia, we believe she was left in a cold place for days on end.....She lost alot of blood due to some cuts on her cheeck and leg....She had alot of drugs in her system which caused her body even more distress...too much for such a tiny baby to handle.... she was not taken care of properly...her body is to little to comprehend all that happened...."
The doctor began

Our poor baby...

"We hooked her up to a heart monitor, a breathing mask, a feeding tube an IV and all the other essential tubes and wires to try and help her as much as possible....we also put her in a Giraffe Omnibedbed to keep her warm....but all we can do now is wait Mr.Luciano.....her body has shut down for now as  it couldnt deal with all that has happened....we can only hope that her body will start working again and that die wakes up....but we can't do much more right now sir, we are very sorry"
The doctor finished

We all took a few minutes to let this all take in...

Our little baby sister might not wake up ever again....

She might never he able to open her beautiful eyes again....

We might never be able to see her cute yawns and smiles again....

"Can we see her?"
Mano asked quietly

"Ofcourse....although She is in the NICU right now....so you won't be able to hold her just yet....as there are to many tubes that can't be moved yet"
The doctor explained

We all nodded and followed him to a room

"Alright, i'll leave you to it now..."
The doctor said and with that left is all alone

"Alright.....It's Okay guys....just be quiet okay....let her rest and everything will be fine...."
I spoke, trying to reassure them.....Eventhough we all knew that maybe it wouldn't be okay...

I opened the door softly and walked into the dimly lit room that had a Giraffe Omnibed or whatever the doctor said, in it

In there laid a tiny fragile body, hooked up to all kinds of machines and tubes...

We all walked towards the tiny box like bed and crouched down to our little doll

Nico cried

Julio pulled him into a hug and let him cry on his shoulder

"Hi baby......."
I whispered and placed my hand against the glass

"Please wake up for us baby....I know it's hard....but Please wake up once your ready sweetheart"
I whispered

Leo placed a hand on my shoulder and pulled my into a hug

I hadn't even noticed i was crying until i saw the tears dropping onto his shoulder

"Its okay fratello, she'll be okay"
Leo said and patted my back

"Yeah...she'll pull through, she's a Luciano after all right?, she just needs some time guys..."
Luca said

After a few minutes of just standing there we made a plan of who would go home to clean up and who would stay here, once they were done we would switch and the others would go clean up...they would then go get some food so we could stay at the hospital together for the night...

All we can do now is just hope...

Hope for our Little girl to stay strong

Hope for our little baby to wake up

Hope that our Little fire will hold on

Please hold on little one

And here is chapter 22!

Hope you enjoyed!
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