Chronic Pain

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This one goes out to one of my irl friends (hey besti <3) who found this book and liked it before knowing it was me who wrote it.
Anyways, this is specifically about chronic leg pain bc thats what she has and im basically writing this for her lol
also proofreading is for cowards i am not accountable for errors
PSA: I do not and have never lived with chronic pain so I apologize sincerely if any information is inaccurate, I'm mostly basing this off of what that friend has told me of their experience.

•Given that he's an athlete he's definitely got some crutches, braces, and compression things laying around from previous injuries and he'd be happy to lend them.
•Would always be asking if there was anything he could do to make it better, make sure you always had a cold water bottle available or a heat pad by the bed
•Would encourage you to stretch when you could, even if it was just a tiny bit
•"Hey... I know it hurts, but I want you to try something for me. Sit up and stretch your legs. No- no, I know it hurts, just a tiny stretch, then lay back down..."
•After you do that he'd praise you
•"Good job, I'm so proud of you."
•He'd cheer you on through any physical therapy you choose to do
•He would absolutely stand ground against anyone being nasty to you about using mobility aids
•If you had a sudden flare up out in public without an aid available, you bet your ass he's carrying you back to the car to get home. No questions asked.
•Always keeps pain meds stocked and ready just in case
•He's protective, thats for damn sure

•As soon as you tell him about it he dives headfirst into learning everything he can about how to cope with chronic pain, from what over the counter pain medication works best to any exercises that can help.
•If you're having a bad pain day he pays careful attention to not be as loud as he usually is, not wanting to overwhelm you
•He is relentless about ensuring you take care of yourself, sets up a strict self care regiment to help you
•"You cannot hope to feel better if you do not have proper rest and care! Your drive to keep going is inspirational, but please rest, my dear..."
•He's not the best at the physical comfort side of things, like, cuddling. He'd try, but he's not great.
•He'd get you various mobility aids, figure out which ones work best for you
•Ensure that you have every accommodation you need and isn't afraid to get up and fight to make sure people follow and understand those accommodations
•He's your best advocate, by far.

•He's a bit dense so you will probably have to explain it to him a few times.
•"So you're like... In pain... All the time?"
•The man feels awful that you're going through that.
•He'd encourage and support you through your physical therapy if you decide to go down that route
•He'd be your best advocate when you were too tired or too exhausted to stand up (hah... get it.....cus.... cus leg pain....... sorry-) for yourself.
•He will beat the shit out of anyone calling you lazy or trying to say that your pain is somehow your fault for not doing more
•"If anyone wants to say some shit about you they'll have to get through me first, doll. You just take it easy, rest your pretty little head."
•He'd almost be afraid to hurt you because he knows his strength, and if you're already in pain he doesn't want to add to it...
•If you assure him that he really won't make it worse he'd be a big cuddle bear.
•He would happily get you any mobility aid you wanted and remind you to use it when you need to

•I mean... Free service animals right there-
•I mean for real, the moment he found out he'd start training a puppy or something to grow up to be a service animal for you.
•Other than that he'd always be very attentive to your needs even when you struggle to get the words out
•His animals are the *best* heating pads, and if you get too warm he can easily tell them to lay somewhere else.
•"Oh, my fallen angel, this curse that befalls you... If it was within my abilities I'd take that curse upon myself in an instant, but you must take time to regain your power. I will be by your side, always."
•He'd never admit it, but he's a snugglebug, and would be all over you making sure you're comfortable
•Constantly offering you another pillow, or something to change the position you're laying in
•If you asked to cuddle he'd immediately comply, and you'd have a few fuzzy companions to snuggle.

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