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"He's waiting for you inside the room, Ms

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"He's waiting for you inside the room, Ms. Spencer." A woman quickly leads me further into the therapist's office.

While I'm walking through the corridor, I can feel all the employees' eyes on me. Since I've told the receptionist that I came here as arranged by Ashton, they act like I'm an important guest.

Is this the power of Aiden's family? If I'm not mistaken, Ashton is Lucas Klein's right-hand man.

I was doubting that I could enter this place, but Ashton has settled everything for me. He's the one who arranged Aiden's therapy session in the first place.

When I enter the room, I see a middle-aged man in a white coat sitting behind the desk. He's Aiden's therapist, Mr. Bennet.

As soon as he sees me, he stands up. "Ms. Spencer," he greets me with a smile. "Please, sit down."

I do as he told and look around. The office is not that bright, but the atmosphere is quite comfortable with earth-toned colors.

"I didn't expect that Ashton would contact me again," he starts. "The moment he told me that you're going to come here, I knew that I had to welcome you." A warm smile spreads across his lips.

I don't know what to say. Being here feels weird to me. I've never been in a therapy session, and now it's not even mine. I don't know why Ashton felt that it was right for me to come here.

Mr. Bennet flips through the documents on his lap. He then looks up at me, adjusting his glasses. "Ashton just included you in the family list."

My mouth drops open. I can't even find the right words to correct that statement.

But I'm not--

Mr. Bennett smiles knowingly, sighs, and puts the documents back on his desk. His sentence, however, makes this even more surreal.

If Aiden's family -- his father, mother, and Luna -- can't even help him despite knowing the details of his condition, I don't know how I can do that.

"It's very surprising but also very delighting that you came here to my office today, Ms. Spencer. There are some things that I can share with you."

"Before we begin," I say reluctantly, and Mr. Bennet raises his eyebrows. "The things that you're going to share with me... I suppose that the others already know about that?"

Mr. Bennett nods. "As you know, there's no secret in the Klein family. No one in the family should hide their pain without the others knowing, and everyone, including Aiden, agreed. They've already had enough trauma with that."

I remember what happened with them because of Luna hiding her pain, and I've heard that what their parents went through at the beginning of their marriage was even more tragic.

Yet, I doubt that Aiden knows about Ashton putting my name on the list. I feel guilty, but not as much as the guilt I'm feeling every time I remember his wedding disaster. I feel like I have to do something to fix everything.

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