•Season 1 Chapter 4- Meeting the family of Y/n•

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|Season 1 Chapter 4 Started:|
|February 15, 2022 |
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|February 15, 2022 |
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(Im currently dying. Our school just started 4th quarter and we have petas already💀. Even academic week is coming next week💀)

Xander now is 7 and Y/n 6. The both are currently at school. Y/n tapping her pencil on her notebook as sounds came from the tapping.

Suddenly hearing the bell ring. The
h/c (hair colored) female closed her notebook. Putting away her stuff to her backpack. She stretched and felt satisfied after stretching. Her classmates leaving the classroom. Fewer people now inside the classroom. The teacher then left as Y/n just finished putting away her things.

Y/n got up and went out of the classroom. At the door when she went outside she saw Xander waiting for her. Xander saw her and they both left school together.

Sadly they were not in the same section so they had to wait for each other.

Both are walking under the hot sun. The female then thought that her friend hadn't met her parents yet even if it's already been a year.

"Hey. Wanna come to my house to meet my parents?" Asked Y/n as she continued walking. The male looked at her.

"Hmm... I'll ask my parents first if I can but there's no phones around right now." said the male as he sighed. The female looked at him. Seeing him looking at the floor with a sad face.

"You can use the telephone at our house then ask!" Suggested Y/n. Xander looked up and nodded at Y/n.

"Mom I'm home! I brought a friend!" said the female as she removed her school shoes and changed it to her slippers for her home. The male removed his too. Y/n gave him a pair of slippers too, the male accepting the slippers and putting them on.

"Mom were gonna use the telephone by the way!" Shouted the female as they both heard footsteps coming. Her mom came with a smile on her face as she greeted the two.

"Sure you can use the phone but don't use it for pranks." said Y/n's mom as the male started going to the telephone dialing a number.

Y/n and her mom went inside as to give privacy for the male who's gonna call.

"Is he the friend you talked about?" asked M/n (mother's name). Y/n nodded as she heard the telephone placed down. Both saw Xander coming and saw him have a happy face.

"I guess your parents allowed you?" asked Y/n with a laugh as Xander's head nodded.

M/n (Mother's name) laughed too at the male's happiness.

"Oh I forgot to tell you. Your father's home early since he had finsihed a lot of work yesterday and now he had less to work today so he came home early." Informed M/n (mother's name).

"I heard someone talking about me and it seems like Y/n has brought her future husba-" F/n (father's name) got cut off when M/n (mother's name) punched her husband in the stomach.

Y/n stood there with a disappointed face and sighed. While the male beside her was blushing furiously about what his friend's father said.

"Anyways luckily I made enough food for your stomachs to be fed. Let's go and eat then" M/n (mother's name) said while dragging her husband who seemed to be crying from the punch he just got. The both followed suit behind.

(The f/f <favorite food> will be like for dinner with rice so like meat, vegetables just name it hehe 👩‍🦲)

All of them are now at the table and started eating. They were eating Y/n's f/f (favorite food). Y/n drank from her glass and continued eating.

"The food's yummy Mrs. L/n (last name)" said Xander as he continued eating with shine in his eyes.

"Thank you Xander. It's actually Y/n's f/f
(favirite food)" said M/n (mother's name) as she showed a smile. Xander perked st the new found information. Xander smiled a little and ate.

They all finished eating and the male now going to the front door. Opening the front door, he went outside as he looked back seeing the family together smiling, waving at him goodbye. He smiled back and waved back. He went to the car infront of him as he saw his driver. He opened the window and waved again saying.

"Goodbye! See you again! Thank you for the food and it was a pleasure meeting you Mrs. and Mr. L/n!"

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