Chapter 57

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Yulia's POV:

The next day, Chester did not come to the funeral. 

Of course, my brother didn’t come with me either. 

Yesterday, I came to pay my respects as a royal family member, but today I came ad Cecil’s friend. 

Cecil was alone sitting down in a crowded place. 

I knew how lonely and sad it was to be alone when I lost someone precious. So I sat next to Cecil without saying a word. 

Today, just like yesterday, Cecil’s eyes were red. 

Instead of bringing up a conversation, I quietly hugged Cecil. 

I waited until Cecil talked.


“Yes, it’s me. Have you calmed down now?” 

“Thank you for coming…” 

“I’m your friend after all.”

“…Yes, I’m relieved that you’re next to me.” 

I could understand Cecil’s pain. I also know the pain of losing my precious mother. 

And maybe Chester can understand more than me. 

Chester lost both of his parents like Cecil. 

That’s why Chester told the heroine that he could understand her sadness in the original story.

Perhaps she became the protagonist because she spread the love she received when her parents were all alive. 

Maybe the female lead and male lead had a happy ending because the male lead filled the lack of affection. 

“Of course, I have to be next to you, Cecil.” 

I patted Cecil on the back. 

I was a person who desperately wanted someone to be next to me when my mother passed away. 

Because no one was next to me before, I couldn’t easily pass by her when I saw that.

And she made me remember my mother’s sudden death. 

We’re somehow in a similar situation.

To be exact, when I saw the pitiful her, my body reacted by itself. 

It was not the influence of my dreams, but the influence of my past. 


“When you calm down, let’s go eat what you like.” 


Cecil nodded, leaning her head against my shoulder. 

It would be better to be next to Cecil like this. 

Just having someone next to you will comfort you enough. 

I wanted someone to be next to me before, but… I was alone. 

Of course, not everyone is in the same situation as me, but I thought Cecil should have someone next to her. 

I recalled once again that it was so hard to see someone sad. 

My heart throbbed. 

“Yulia… Let’s go out to get some air with me.” 


I’m glad. At least she’s willing to breathe the outside air. 

I went outside with Cecil. The wind blew my hair. 

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