•Season 1 Chapter 5- Arrival of someone new•

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Season 1 Chapter 5 Started:|
|February 15, 2022 |
|Season 1 Chapter 3 Ended: |
|February 17, 2022 |
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Time passed by. It just felt like yesterday you met Xander. Grade school made you feel stress about studying. Now your age is 15 while Xander's is 16. The two of you still sometimes go to the playground. Sometimes you see children playing around it now.

When it snows you guys always end up snow fighting, making snow angels, and making snowmans. Sometimes both of you get sick from playing in the snow.

When you joined a club in grade school. Xander and you ended up in the same club not because you wanted to but because the clubs you submitted to was full already and you had to take the 'Soldier Club Training'. Both of you suffered from the exercises there even if you guys were just in grade school it was no excuse to the club moderator there. You were 8 and Xander was 9 there.

At some time you also went to Xander's bouse and you were amazed it was a mansion. Xander dragged you inside the first time you went there and you guys played a lot in his xbox and more. You were 10 and Xander 11 at that time.

When you guys go to a field trip it's with the other sections. In that grade level they all go to the same bus so you and Xander always go together. Some students even making ship names to you two. You took a lot of pictures with Xander in the field trips.

At grade 4 you guys luckily got in the same section and were seatmates the whole entire year except when a certain subject you guys change seats with others.

When it rained if one of you guys forgot their umbrella's in the you two share while get wet on one of your shoulder.

Since you two got a phone you immediately exchanged numbers. Every night greeting your good night's to each other.

You smiled remembering the memories as you two walk to school. Xander who was staring at you had a confused face but smiled at your smile.

"What's got you smiling?" Asked Xander who was smiling too.

"Says you. Your also smiling what got you smiling?" Y/n said with a laugh.

"I asked you first. Shouldn't you answer." pouted the male as he looked the other way trying to not laugh at the conversation.

"There's no such rule to that now, does it?" said the female with a smirk. The two playfully nudged each other's arms.

They were still 20 minutes early. Their already at the front of the school. They stopped when they heard an ice cream truck with it's music. They both looked at each other nodding their heads as they know what they will do.

They both ran to the ice cream truck as the ice cream truck stopped. The driver seeing them going to it made him chuckle as he went to go sell his ice creams.

Y/n got first. She panted and smirked at the male who was annoyed when he came. The male looked at the menu and ordered his and Y/n's. Y/n immediately paid, not wanting to waste the male's money. The male was about to protest when she spoke.

"You wanna know what I was smiling about earlier right?" said the female who was still smirking at the male. The male nodded and catched on.

"So your making a challenge now then?" the male asked, asking what he think to be confirmed. The female nodded and took the ice creams from the seller and said a thank you. The ice cream truck left as Y/n started speaking.

"First who finishes their ice cream will be the winner. If you win I'll tell you but if you lose I'm not telling." Said the female as she knew who will win.

The two started eating their ice creams and Xander finsihed first. Xander then laughed at his victory as the female smiled because she already knew the male will win. They both walked back to school as the female just finished her ice cream.

"I was remembering when you tripped yesterday that's why I smiled." Lied the female as she was kinda embarassed if she told him she recalled their memories together. The male raised an eyebrow and nudged the female.

"Hey I told you to forget about that!" Said the male with a dissapointed face. Now their back at the front of the school as they went in together. Other students too coming in. They had 10 minutes left for school after all.

As they went inside the school they heard rumours around.

├┬┴┬┴ POV: Y/n ┬┴┬┴┤

"Hey I heard there will be a new student this year!"

"Is it a male?!"

"I heard it's a male but I'm not sure"

"I heard he's going to be at our section!" said our classmate.

"But dont you think Alex will be hotter than the newbie?"

"Oh please we know it's Xander."

"You guys! It's Caleb"

"I'm betting on the newbie!"

The students kept talking. I looked at Xander who seemed to think about the said new student. We entered the classroom and sat on our seats.

I looked at the door as I was bored as Xander laid his head on the desk beside me.

I saw the door open and saw a blonde male with blue eyes entered the classroom. Whispers immediately was heard from the classroom as I nudged Xander's elbow. Xander looked to me as I pointed the blonde male with my eyes. Xander catched on and looked at the blonde male who sat behind us.

"Oh gosh I think the rumours are true!"

"He's hot. He's totally my type."

More whispers came from our classmates as Xander looked at me.

"What do you think of him? I guess the rumours are true about a new student" asked Xander.

"I think he looks fine" I said honestly.

"What do you think about me?" asked Xander as he looked like he's thinking something deeply.

"Hmm? What's up with the sudden question. I think you look just fine." I said as I started to think of something else

He looked away like he's dissapointed. I heard talking in the background but I continued my staring at the door. My thoughts went back to the new student.

   'A new student so randomly? Well many things can really happen'

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