Chapter 8: Incompetent People

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"ADRIEN AGRESTE!" Gabriel yelled as he glared at his son, "I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS BEHAVIOR! To have you bad mouth such prestigious family, I did not raise you like this. I'm warning you speak out of line again and I will have no choice but to pull you out of that school and have you resume homeschooling."

"But father – "

"ENOUGH! Now go to your room!"

Adrien hung his down and obediently answered, "Yes...father!"

As he was about to exit the room, he turned back to see Felix calming his father down. When his eyes moved towards Felix, he saw him smirking at him, he thought, 'Why that son of a – '

"Why are you still here? I said go to your room and reflect on yourself!" Gabriel scolded him.

Adrien stormed into his room in anger, it was bad enough that his father was already strict with him but with Felix around his father had higher expectations from him, always comparing him to his cousin.

Adrien really wanted to pent his frustrations on something...or someone.

The next day...

Adrien and Felix walked up to the school and Adrien saw Marinette and her cousin and friends waiting for the others. Adrien was about to walk up to the girl but was stopped with Felix.

"What do you think you're doing?" Felix asked as he glared at the boy.

Adrien backed at little and said, "I just want to talk to my friend Marinette, is there something wrong with that?"

Felix rolled his eyes at his cousin, "A matter of fact yes, Marinette doesn't consider you as her friend anymore so it's best if you stay the hell away from her and the rest of us. Why don't you go to that whore of yours."

Adrien scoffed, "Oh yeah and what are you going to do about it?"

Felix gave him a sarcastic laugh and said, "You know Adrien, there's difference between you and I, the difference is that I don't make threats I make promises and if you dare provoke me any longer, I promise that I will ruin your life."

"FELIX!" He heard someone call out. Felix turned around and saw that it was his girlfriend.

"Marinette, hey!" He greeted her as he leaned in for a hug.

Adrien looked at them awkwardly and greeted her too, "Ahem, hello, Marinette."

"Oh, hello Adrien." She quietly said. She quickly turned back to Felix and said, "Anyway Naruto suggested that we have a movie night this weekend at my place, are you in?"

Felix shrugged, "Sure, what time and movie?"

"8 p.m. it's a sleepover, we're watching on of Sakura's, she tried to protest but Naruto and I insisted, and I speed texted the group about it and we all got curious and begged her into it."

Felix chuckled and said, "Of course you did."

Felis threw his arm around Marinette and told her that they should get going. Before he left he turned back to Adrien and told him to watch his back.

Marinette looked back at Adrien and Felix and asked, "What was that all about?"

"Oh, don't worry about it."

"Um, okay?"

When the group entered the class Lila came fast approaching Sasuke and Felix, she twirled her hair playful as she bit her lip, eyeing the two boys. She leaned forward as to try to make a cleavage look somewhat bigger.

"Hey guys, so the others and I are thinking of having a party this weekend." Lila started, she glanced at Marinette and Sakura smirking, "I was wondering if you'd like to join us."

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