Break An Arm

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Frustratingly enough, Hiro wouldn't let you break his arm.

You thought that was pretty fucked up. This would guarantee him a relationship with Minoru Satomi. All he'd have to do was break an arm. But he just didn't get it! He couldn't see the full picture of what you two would be accomplishing if he let you break his fucking arm.

Well, you would just have to fake it until you could make it. You wrapped his nondominant arm in gauze and slipped a wrist brace on him for good measure.

When you entered the classroom the next day, you found Minoru sitting on Hiro's desk, cradling his bandaged arm in her hands. She was like a spider investigating the body of a paralyzed ant in her web. He was eating up her attention, unaware of the danger it brought.

You didn't dare interrupt them. Instead, you quietly watched and listened in from just outside the doorway.

"What happened to your arm?" She all but cooed. You knew that tone. Good girl... Mommy's here.

"Haha, it's really embarrassing! I was messing around with my friends and one of them twisted my arm the wrong way. Now I need to wear this brace for a while."

"Is it sprained or broken?"


"Hmmm..." She hummed, before asking, "Why are you lying?"

"Huh?" He was caught off guard by her question.

"Why are you lying about spraining your arm?"

"I'm- I'm not!" He adamantly denied it.

"Oh really? Because with the pressure I'm applying right now, you should be writhing on the floor in pain."

Hiro pulled his arm away from her abruptly once the reason behind her rough poking and prodding was brought to light. "What is wrong with you?"

"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you? Maybe you have Munchausen syndrome. If that's the case, you really are sick. You just can't be fixed." With that, Minoru slid off his desk and into her own.

Seeing as class was about to begin, you had no choice other than to walk over and sit in your seat as well.

Despite that absolutely disastrous encounter, you weren't willing to give up on getting Hiro and Minoru together. Sure, in the game, their relationship started when the player character broke his arm, but it couldn't just be obsession and good looks that kept them together!

Somewhere deep down, they had to have some similarities. Those likenesses just needed to be brought to light! There's no way either of them would ask the other out, though. Not after what happened the last time they spoke.

No, they needed you to act as a go-between.


"Minoru! There's this new restaurant I've been dying to try out! Do you wanna go with me?" You asked one afternoon in World History, snuggling up into Minoru's side and putting your head on her shoulder.

She wrapped an arm around you and pressed her mouth to your hairline in a way not unlike a kiss. "What's it called, sweetness?"

"Sushi Kissui!" It was the fanciest restaurant you could afford.

"I've heard that place is a dive, baby. I can take you somewhere much nicer. Somewhere with Michelin stars."

"No!" You blurted out without thinking. You definitely could not afford any Michelin stars! "I mean, I really had my heart set on this place. It's alright if you don't wanna go." There went your plan, though.

She looked at you thoughtfully for a second before sighing, causing your hair to flutter. "No, no... I want to go, as long as it's with you. But I get to choose the next place we go to."

"Deal!" If this went well, she would be too busy taking Hiro places to hang out with you anymore. If it didn't... Well, she'd never want to take you anywhere again.


"I got you a date with Minoru on Friday." You told Hiro matter-of-factly later that day.

"How?" He immediately asked when you told him the news. "If she didn't hate me before, she certainly does now."

"She thinks it's gonna be a girls' night out. I'm gonna bring you with me, you two are gonna hit it off, and I'm gonna escape out the bathroom window."


They did not hit it off. No, they did not hit it off at all.

You'll never forget the look of shock that appeared on Minoru's face when she saw you walk up to the table with Hiro in tow. Next was a look of realization, followed by a look of what you could only assume was murderous rage. It turned out he was right. She hated him. And she probably hated you right now for bringing him.

You thought she would walk out, but she didn't. She stayed seated, gave her order to the waiter, and then remained absolutely silent for the remainder of the date.

Hiro was good at making conversation but talking to Minoru was like talking to a wall of ice. Cold and unresponsive. You joined in the conversation eventually just so he wouldn't be talking to himself for the whole date.

"I have to go to the bathroom. I'll be right back," you said at last, standing up from your seat. Hiro's eyes were begging you to stay, to not leave him with Minoru, but you wanted out of this awkward situation.

"I'll come with you," Minoru said in response, getting up as well. It was the only thing she had said all evening.

"Uh, I think the bathroom only has one stall." An obvious lie. How would you know anything about the bathroom? You'd never been here before.

Minoru narrowed her eyes at you but didn't call you out. "It'll be fine. I only have to powder my nose."

You thought about just making a break for the exit when Minoru's hand clamped around your wrist like a shackle. It was your turn to look beseechingly at Hiro and his turn to look anywhere but at you.

Minoru all but dragged you to the girls' bathroom, only letting go once the door had been closed and locked behind you both.

"Explain!" She hissed, turning to fix her glare on you. Her arms were crossed tightly across her chest and her foot was tapping impatiently as she waited on an answer.

"I told you before, I met Hiro on the way here and decided-"

"Don't lie to me! You planned this entire thing out!"

Busted. How did she know?

You decided to be honest. "I thought... I thought you two would make a great couple."

She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose before rubbing her temples. "Aina... I don't like Hiro."

"Well, yeah, I can see that now."

"No, I mean, I never liked him. Since day one." That was it, then. There was no way you were going to get Minoru and Hiro together. You had to know, though...

"Why not?"

"You don't get to ask me that," she snapped, glaring at you again. "Especially not after this disaster of a date. Now help me flag down the waiter so I can pick up the check and we can leave."

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