First Day Jitters

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Alexis's POV

I walk into BigHit with a purpose. I already have over a month's worth of experience by now, but it's my first time working at the company. The boys have a shoot today. Today I come in at 7 in the morning, because filming starts at 7:30.

Although I'm not new, Sung-Hyun offered to give me an orientation for the, "office life."

Technically, I don't need to be here during shooting, since I translate the finished videos before they are posted online, but Sung-Hyun told me to take notes and plan writing during filming.

I met her in her office, and she gave me a tour of the building officially. She led me around every area, including the boys' practice room. I called and told them about my tour beforehand, so they wouldn't call me informally when I showed up.

When she turned her back, Taehyung hugged me quickly and Jimin pecked my cheek, the little sneaks.

At the end of the tour, I got my own little cubicle. It was in the middle of everyone else's in the center row.

So here I am starting my "first day" and walking in with a staff card, this time. I say hello to the receptionist, whose name, I found out, is Hoon.

"You finally got your pass." He states.

"Yep, got it in the mail yesterday." I say truthfully. I rented a P.O. Box a few days after teleporting, so I used that address for mail when I signed up for the job. I checked it the day we got back, and everything was in there untouched. I've finally moved on from temporary passes.

Before the concert, I would chat with Hoon before meeting the boys. He's actually a really nice person, but very serious when it comes to his job. I'm really grateful for it though; I know my soulmates are safe from crazy fans. Since he didn't join the concert crew, it's been a while since I've seen him.

"Have a nice day Hoon." I wave at him, staying somewhat formal.

He chuckles, "You too, Alexis."

I pass the dance studio and head straight to the filming room. The boys and other staff should be there now about to film BTS Gayo. They still have a month's worth of "Run," episodes saved up that were shot before the tour. With all the practice and filming, it is hard to believe that they would put away so much time for me. If I would've known, I wouldn't have come everyday. I have to pay more attention and stop being selfish.

When I open the door, there is a large crowd of people and a wall of cameras. I can't see my soulmates through the cameras, but there is a large white wall at the end of the room, where they probably are. I hear them before I see them.

"No, sprite is not good for you, Hoseok." Namjoon says.

"Yes it is, it gives me energy when I'm tired." Hoseok argues.

"That's called caffeine."

"You know that's straight syrup, right?" Yoongi comments.

"Do I look unhealthy to you?" Hoseok poses.

"No, but you look like a- "

"Alexis!" Taehyung calls out.

I swear I hear wind, they turn their heads so fast. Some staff turn their heads at his call. I put my hand over my forehead for the imaginary headache this boy is giving me. I can't believe he just called my name like that, we're not supposed to know each other that well. Some of the staff still don't know who I am.

Yoongi hits Tae's head, "Idiot."

I try and cover it up, "Hello Taehyung. Nice to see you again."

He waves back. Sung-Hyun looks at me curiously, "I didn't know you got so close with them during the tour. It didn't seem that way."

"Yeah, I talked with them a lot... You know how friendly they are." I make excuses. I'm not lying, technically.

She looks pleased, "That's great, you'll get along just fine with the rest of the staff then." She smiles, "Well, let me introduce you to Gang-Soo, he'll tell you what to do." She motions towards man in his late 40s.

"Alexis, this is Gang-Soo, he is the senior editor. He takes notes during filming, sort of a template for editing. He also does the beginning and final touches of the video after the editors do their work. He wasn't part of the tour staff, so I wanted to formally introduce you.

"I thought that he might be able to help you, since your translations go in the editing. We usually let the fansites or the vlive staff translate after it's posted, but things are different now."

Someone calls for her. "I told Gang-Soo about you, so he will show you everything." She looks up at him. "Thank you," she says before leaving.

When she's gone, he turns his attention to me. "Nice to meet you, Alexis."

I almost reach my hand out, before I remember to be more formal. I bow, "You too, nice to meet you."

He chuckles, "So, I hear you're a genius." I look up quickly, suprised.

"Who told you that?" I ask.

"Sung-Hyun did. I mean six languages at your age? You're basically a prodigy." I blush at his compliment. "Now it will be easier to spread the fanbase. We can can reach out internationally, it's a good thing Hoseok introduced you."

Yeah, he is amazing, isn't he? I look over at Hoseok, who is staring at me. I smile at him. He shines his bright smile is about to give me a thumbs up, but Taehyung steps in front of him, and waves at me to get my attention. I laugh when Hoseok glares at him annoyed.

In the middle of their dispute, Gang-Soo gets my attention, "so all you really have to do is take notes, then start translating after the shoot is over. I realize that you've only been doing interpreting so far, so if you need any help, just ask me." He explains simply. "Translate the funny parts first, they are less likely to be edited out. I'll make sure a draft gets to you by tomorrow. I wouldn't want you translating everything." He gives me a friendly smile.

"You can use one of the laptops to type during filming, but there's also a notepad and pen if you prefer that. " He points to a long table with multiple laptops on it. Some staff are seated in front of the laptops, but there is one empty spot on the end. An endless amount of wires are strewn all along the floors. "I hate to say it, but even though we've been growing lately, the company doesn't have the resources for overly expensive equipment yet, please bear with us."

I smile back at him, "I understand, it's no issue."

"Very good," he praises. Expression getting a bit more serious, he explains, "There isn't much of a need to do both Gayo and Run series, so there has been some talk about ending one of them. This will probably be the last shoot for Gayo, that's why we're doing this in the brief period between tours. A good warm up, I think."

Finishing, he looks up at another staff, who gives him a nod. "Shooting should start soon. I think you should be fine right?"

"Yes, thank you," I say formally. He pats my shoulder before walking towards the camera man. I feel eyes on me. I meet Yoongi's gaze then Jungkook's. I give them a calm smile, happy to finally be working with them. I like this. The atmosphere is casual, the staff and leaders are all nice, and I get to be near my soulmates at my job. I feel immense relief now without the constant movement and travelling that made me so weak.

I go to sit at the table, nodding a greeting to the woman next to me.

"Ok! Everyone ready?" Gang-Soo asks my soulmates.

I hear a chorus of formal 'Yes' and the studio dims. The lights above the members stay bright, and giant film lights shine on the set. That has to hurt their eyes, but they don't show any resistance. They've been doing this for years, after all.

Meanwhile, here I am squinting as they start. I hear, the director call action and the show begins.

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