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When someone asks me,
What is the purpose of your life,
My mind seems lost it's speech.
Is it just to get a degree,
Or the feeling of being free,
It is passing all the exams,
Or fulfilling all my plans,
Is it keeping my grades high,
Or explore the sky.

Should I work for tomorrow,
And spend today in sorrow,
Should I leave my family alone,
For a future that unknown,
Should I cut off all my friend,
So that my future would be better then them.

This whole fiasco makes me insane,
No one's ready to explain,
Should I keep trying again and again,
Or just stop at the moment and rest my brain.

Work for tomorrow , but live life today
Are two opposite things, that can't work together,
One has to delay.
Either live life happily at this moment,
Or gamble this moment for future's betterment.



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~~Tanisha payal

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