•Season 1 Chapter 7- Cafe Playground•

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|Season 1 Chapter 7 Started:|
|February 23, 2022 |
|Season 1 Chapter 7 Ended: |
|February 23, 2022 |
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(I have no more ideas for my chapters here sorry T~T)

It was just another boring day at school when Xander invited you to go to a cafe to study for the upcoming quiz. Since it eas a half day at school you both went to the cafe.

Xander paid for the food and coffee. You both ate and drank while studying. Xander noticed you aren't focusing again. While your thoughts keep jumping to another to another.

Xander looked at the page your on and saw you were stuck at the first page already. You guys heard the door open with the sound of the bell. You looked at who it was and saw a familliar blonde male. Xander noticed you looking somewhere else and saw it was Keith.

Keith saw you two but continued his way to the cashier. You looked at Xander and shared your thoughts.

"Hey why is he here? Do you think he's on a date?! Bet he has a beautiful girlfriend too if ever. " you said to Xander as Xander sighed at you. He ruffled your hair making you mad as you swatted his hand away since now your hair is messy.

You peeked at Keith who sat at another table but only for one. You looked at Xander who had a eyebrow raided at you.

"Hey were supposed to study." He said as he flicked your forehead making you whine. You then just read the book with it just going through your head.

Time passed and it was alreadt 3:00 pm with you sleeping on the table. Xander saw this and saw your peaceful face. He looked at Keith who was looking at Y/n's back for a moment but looked outside the window while Keith took his phone and typed there chatting to someone.

Xander then woke you up. You yawned and stretched.

"Let's go now. Good thing we finished our homeworks now too. Go and rest at yout house not here. Also here I bought this while you were sleeping." He said as he gave you plastic with cookies inside it. I smiled and thanked him.

We both left and went out to go back home. We both were walking and saw the playground you played with Xander before.
You both went there and sat at the swing. Moving back and forth. You looked at Xander who was in deep thought.

You both just rested at the peaceful silence

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