When you die

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Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu was beyond stressed. The way you came back to her estate told her that something was severly wrong

She figured immidietly that you have been badly poisoned and tried to treat you immidetly

After several hours she still hasn't found a way to treat you

There has to be a way to save you this has to be!

The poison she saw was beyond what she ever thought possible. She has never seen anything like it. The worse part though was that she couldn't stop the poison from making it's rapid ways through your body

Shinobus self loathing grew and grew after your death

She was furious with herself that she could never find a way

Constant painful question etched in her mind

'If I found a way, could I have saved her?'

Shinobu promised to never fall in love again

Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri broke down when she heard the news

You had died in a demon attack against a village but most of all you sacrificed yourself

The demon wrecked havoc on a village and while you made sure everyone escaped you were the only one that didn't

As you helped one of the people to get out of the house the demon pounced on the house and everything fell on you, crushing you to death

The demon ate you afterwards and left the village alone satisfied with you

Mitsuri cried and cried. Her heart was broken beyond repair

She hoped that you died quickly and didn't experience too much pain

Mitsuri didn't really wanna fall in love again because it felt like she would replace you

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko never really excpected you to die the way you did

You got sick. Severly sick. It wasn't much at first until your health began to rapidly declining

The sickness was the same her father had. Soon enough you looked just like him. Very skinny and your eyes were tired, but you still managed to smile so warmly at her when you were on your death bed

Shinobu assured Nezuko she did everything in her power to keep you alive but it wasn't enough

You smiled up at Nezuko and said you last words with the same smile Nezuko came to fall in love with

Zenitsu was the first one to shoot the message that you were dead since he heard your heart stop

Kanao Tsuyrui

You were fighting against Douma and lost. He abosrbed you while Kanao could only stand there and watch

Furious, her drive became more powerful to kill this demon

She was happy when she and Insouke managed to defeat the man that caused her so much grief but it came with a price

And that price was you


After Daki convinced you to turn into a demon and live your demon life with her everything seemed fine

Daki taught you the way of living as a demon and how to use your blood demon art (If you ate people or not is up to you)

Daki was hit with a feeling she never felt before when Muzan broke the news to her that a demon slayer killed you

No one knew who killed you but the one that did kill you should be begging for mercy when Daki finds out

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