𓅓ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ sɪx𓅓

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"Who were you talking to?"

"I have been talking to myself, I think out loud sometimes" you lie smoothly.

Maathotep narrows his eyes at you, before turning around and walking over to your bed to see your new pet sleeping on it.

"Did I allow you to own a cat?" you gulp upon hearing the stern question.

You don't understand why he is angry, doesn't ancient Egyptian worship cats? Is he angry that you are treating the cat as a pet?

He grabs the cat by its neck, making you frown.

"What are you doing? leave him alone" you demand, rushing to help the Nile who is now awake and purring.

"Today I'm taking you out with me to the town"

Your eyes widen at his words, as he examines the cat with suspicion.

"Aren't I punished though?"

The pharaoh chuckles as if you just said a funny joke.

"It is me who decides when you are punished and when you are not, you are only to obey me"

Now, you can fully understand why Neith ran away...however the decision is still rushed.

Did Neith even know that the future Babylonian is a psycho?

"Come with me" he orders, walking out with the cat still in his hands.


The people stare at you and your father with admiration, as you pass by them on your horses.

Your father, on the other hand, orders guards to offer them gifts.

Children would get toys, while the adults would get food and silver coins.

Maathotep smiles at the people as they cheer for him, while he also holds Nile with his free hand.

You wonder if they know that he had killed an innocent person.

"The princess is so beautiful," one of the young girls says innocently.

This made you smile for a moment before remembering that they are talking about Neith's beauty, not yours.

Your thoughts differ from your family and friends, wondering if they miss you the same way you miss them.

Out of nowhere, someone shoots an arrow, unfortunately, it hits you in the shoulder making you cry out in pain, and attracting the attention of others.

Quickly, half the guarding soldiers surround you and your father, while the other half went on to chase the assaulter.


You look up at Maathotep's face, feeling lightheaded.

However, you don't see the face of your father...you only see the head of a falcon.

You let darkness overtake your vision, as Nile meows loudly.

Little do you know, that your father is the ancient Egyptian god of vengeance, and sky, Horus.

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