Chapter I: Breathe calmly

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Many years ago, Legend say that the Sun breather is the first breathing technique where the five of the elements were originated from. But who was it that guided them to use these elements, who taught them how to us their breathing right? No one knows not even muzan himself. But for those who know it, will know how to weild its breathing but there are few who failed to achieve this ancient technique not knowing how to preform it. Until now.


We see a boy training with one wooden sword while wearing a blindfold and practicing his swinging until he got knock back by his mentor. He fell to the ground and frustratedly takes off his blindfold glaring at his mentor who's wearing a eye patch on his left.

Boy: Why'd you do that uncle!?

Uncle: Camly. You were supposed to see that coming Y/N. Even if you don't have eyes.

Y/N: Confused. How was I supposed to see that coming? I can't see while wearing this you know.

Uncle: Yes you can, you just gotta focus. While being blind you can see your opponent auras and tell the difference between humans and demons aura. Now again!

Before Y/N puts his blindfold back his uncle immediately stops him and gives him two more wooden sword.

Y/N: I only need one uncle. Why give me two more anyway? I only have two hands.

Uncle: Two swords are for your hand and one for your mouth.

Y/N: Shocking. What!? I can't hold one with my mouth, I might cut myself.

???: and that's why I prefer to use two swords.

We then see another boy entering the training area as he eats a apple, probably a year older than Y/N and starts mocking Y/N.

???: He doesn't want to use three swords because he's afraid he might drop it or worst, loosing his tongue. Chuckles.

Uncle: That's enough C/N (Cousin/name). You two train by sparring.

C/N: Please uncle do we really have to? we both know Y/N always loses when we spar.

Uncle: And we both agree that you two must train if you ever wish to fight back to the demons. No more questions.

Y/N and C/N went faces each other as they take their stance. Y/N uses one wooden sword while his coursing uses two wooden sword.

Uncle: Begin!

Y/N sees C/N rushes towards him and he got to his defensive stance. C/N violently strikes at Y/N while he tries his best to parry the strikes. Few minutes later he's doing good at blocking until C/N uses his second sword to swing at his left face causing him to bleed. Y/N fell on his back and drop his sword. Just when C/N was about to finish him by raising his both wooden swords, his uncle immediately stops him by using his own wooden swords. Y/N just saw his uncle using three wooden swords.

C/N: Father why did you got in my way?- URGH!

He then pushes C/N back with his wooden swords causing him to push back a few feet away.

Uncle: When we're training address me as your master and why would you finish him off when he's down as he's defenseless?

C/N: Because the demons don't care, they'd just finish him like I was about to. That's how they get stronger

Uncle: Then you may not like it but you cannot deny it, there are few who did care.

Y/N: Curious. They do?-

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