Chapter II: Final selection

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Previously on the Demon Slayer Story...


Just as the demon was about tackle him, he quickly dodges it by stepping right and he breathes.

Demon: Shocking. Huh!

Y/N: Dragon Breathing...Firsg form...

He quickly jumps towards the demon slices his neck and his head fell.

Y/N: Dragon swift claw!

Demon: N-no....

His body then disintegrate along with his head he then sees Y/N looking at him.

Y/N: Walk free from your curse...and rest...

Everything faded to black.

Final selection, day 2.

We see Y/N still running through the forest while checking his surrounding. So far he manage to kill 5 demons on 2 days of the final selection. Still only being able to use form 1 but it'll be enough as long as he has one sword. But still struggling to survive.

Y/N: Dammit, I can rarely breath. These guys doesn't even give me a time to breathe, at this rate they'll catch up to me.

???: HELP!

Y/N hears somebody shouting calling for help. He then rushes to go help. Unfortunately he was too late an and saw a demon biting a survivors neck. Angrily he immediately charge at the demon.

Y/N: Get away from that kid! Draw his sword. Dragon breathing first form! Inhales. Dragon swift claw!

The demon saw Y/N charging him but he was too late as Y/N slices the demons neck and disintegrate. He immediately checks the wounded survivor and saw the bite went deeper. He gently bring the survivor to the tree.

Y/N: Hey hang tight. I'll try to treat your wounds.-

The survivor shook his head

Survivor: its too late...for me...I'm loosing too...much blood...from all of those demons I fought...

Y/N: I'm not gonna leave you.

Survivor: I'll...slow you down...if I go

He hands Y/N his sword but Y/N tries to reject it.

Y/N: I can't take it. You'll need it more than I do.

Survivor: If thats the technique I think it'll need this more than I do....My grandmother told me....about the dragon breathing technique...I thought it was a myth until now.

They hear more demons coming and Y/N is about to go fight them but the survivor pulled his haori and pushes his sword at him.

Survivor: you'll be...outnumbered...go...I'll buy you time...

Y/N: We can fight them together.

Survivor: Gets up and cough out blood. Just go!

He pushes Y/N forcing him to leave. Regretfully Y/N leave him as he took his sword.

Y/N: Dammit! I can't believe I left him...I'm sorry...You deserve better than this...

Final selection, day 5

Its daylight and we see Y/N got a lot bruises from fighting the demons fro the last 5 days. He began to eat some snacks he found through the forest.

Y/N: Chewing. Can't believe that even uncle survival training payed off. Wonder if the others are alright. Just need to survive two more days and I'll pass along with the remaining survivors.

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