chapter fifty-two

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(hi guys, it's the author here, just wanted to let you all know that i have now started a version of this story where y/n is 18, more confident, cries less and stuff like that because i know some people prefer a more innocent y/n and others prefer a bolder one. the story line will probably be quite similar although i will make a few alterations and it will change a lot more in later chapters -while altering it i realised how awful my grammar and spelling and that type of stuff was so i just want to apologise and praise you all for putting up with it. i will still keep posting on this one so don't worry about that -the next like 14 chapters already have a very basic layer out plan and i'm so sorry it took so long to post, my mental health has been awful and i have had a lot to do recently so i am really sorry)

jin pov

after hearing hobi tell me about his dream that he traveled to mars and became a marshion, we finally arrive at the shop

(tae and jungkook had been sat in the back of the van while me and j-hope had been in the front)

me-"i think we should stay together, i know if we split up then it will be quicker but i would rather it be safer and slower than quicker and someone ends up dead"

tae-"yeah that sounds like a good plan"

j-hope-"okay perfect! so what are we getting again?"

jungkook-"if i remember correctly then the priorities are food, toiletries and wire, after we get those then we just get what ever else we can find"

tae-"should we head in then?"

me-"yeah" i say and we all begin to walk towards the shop

just like always, most of the items were scattered randomly across the floor and blankets of filth and dust coated each and every shelf

using the few still hanging signs, we made our way towards the food isle and began to collect any of the remaining food that we could and placing it into the trolley tae had just grabbed

unsurprisingly, there wasn't much options but the food we got is better than nothing

jungkook and j-hope somehow managed to lead up to the confectionery isle and began to place in any of the snacks that remained in the shop

almost outstandingly, many full crisps packets had been left as well as bars of chocolate which were eagerly placed within the trolley

tae-"so next up is wires?"

me-"yeah, does anyone have any ideas where they are?" i question while looking to see for a sign that appears to not be there

j-hope-"we could just go through every row and see if we can find it"

jungkook-"yeah and then we can add anything else to the trolley while on the way"

me-"perfect" i agree and we head to the next isle

pet food, not very useful to us however the toys that make noises could be useful for distracting zombies (as they are attracted to noise) so we grabbed a couple of those

taehyung decided it would be best if we had a trolley so he ran back and got one

unfortunately for us, this made hobi think that now we could put everything and everything into the trolley

so we were gonna come home with a lot of random stuff

and by a lot i mean A LOT

next up was the health type isle so we grabbed quite a bit but still left enough for others incase they needed some

hobi insisted we took all the remaining sprays so that we could make the house smell nice so jungkook grabbed the compartment of them and put them straight in

unexpectedly, we heard a noise which scared us all half to death, taehyung might as well be carrying j-hope at this point since he's so close to him

?-"hello! can you hear me?"

me-"jesus namjoon" i yell into my walking talkie "you scared us all"

namjoon-"oops sorry about that, anyway i was wondering if you guys would be able to see if there was any materials that would allow us to try and make solar panels"

jungkook-"what type of stuff?"

namjoon-"see if there is any thing left in the diy section and if there is then grab a bunch and we will see what we can do with that"

j-hope-"okay joon! is there anything else?"

namjoon-"not that i can think of but i will see you all later"

tae-"byee" he replied, inviting us to join him which we did before i placed the walkie talkie back into the bag

next up was the party isle, the craft isle and then the diy isle

hobi-"how about two of us go to the diy section and the other two check the party isle and craft isle?"

me-"that's a good idea"

me-"okay jungkook, me and you will go to the diy isle, tae and hobi, you guys go to the other two and once you have done them meet us in our isle as we will probably need more from there"

tae-"sounds good"

and just like that we separated, jungkook and i began to walk with the trolley and looked at the isle that definitely had a lot taken for the purpose of weapons

either way, we were able to get some drills, nails, hammers, material to make things and some other bits and bobs aswell

thinking that we were ready, we turned to witness a sight we did not expect

well it was a sight one could, actually would expect with the duo we allowed into those isles together

at the end of our isle stood tae and hobi, with a trolley of their own that was filled with decorations like fake vines and pretty banner type things and just all sorts of weird little things

me-"um.... why?"

hobi-"well we thought the place could do with some decorations!"

tae-"i mean think of how dull the houselooks compared to how amazing it will look with all this stuff"

hobi-"so we made the executive decision to do us all a favour and get these"

jungkook-"they have a point about the house looking quite dull"

me-"right...well.... fair enough then, beside from this, we need to get some more stuff guys so let's vacate from these isles and get things that will actually be useful for us all" and with that they began to follow me

until j-hope has an idea

hobi-"wait if the party isle was empty since i don't imagine many people would be having a party mid apocalypse, do you think there will be some other practically untouched isles"

jungkook-"oooo maybe"

tae-"we should definitely check all the isles out either way"

me-"yeah i agree"

so that's how we ended up leaving the store with some utensils (mainly spoons and forks since many of the knives, especially the sharper ones, had been taken), a few unbroken plates and bowls, a second broom and of course the needed food and water

additionally, thanks to our hobi: a couple fake plants, a few teddies and some nice smelling soaps

let's just say next time, we won't be the ones asked to do the shopping

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