Chapter III: Journey begins

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Previously on the demon slayer stort...

Wh: Now then, please select an ore.

Y/N: Do we even know which are which?

Scar face: I have absolutely no clue.

Y/N: Hmmm...I wonder.

Y/N closes his eyes and see's the three of the ores glowing while the rest aren't. He then picks three of them.

??: I see. Pats his crow. As many as five of them manage to survive, huh? Excellent. The numbers of my children has increase again. I wonder what kind of swordsmen they'll become. Huh?

The crow spoke again mentioning something new.

???: three swords hmm? I see, so the stories wasn't a myth after all. The return of the dragon breather. This will be interesting indeed.

Everything faded to black.


We see Y/N training by cutting a dummy demon while his uncle watches his training.

Uncle: Remember, no matter how many limbs you cut they'll regrow their limbs. You must focus slicing their necks

Y/N: Curious. They can regrow that fast?

Uncle: Yes, but only if they're eating humans. When you think about it, humans and demons may share couple common thing.

Y/N: Continues to swing his wooden swords. Fighting is one of them.

Uncle: But eating as well.

Y/N stops swinging his sword as he looks at his uncle with a confusing look.

Uncle: We eat food to keep our strength and so does the demons eating humans. Except that the only difference is that the more humans they eat, the stronger they get. If they're lucky, there's a possibility that they may poses a supernatural powers.

Y/N: Supernatural powers?...

Uncle: they're known as Blood Demon Art. Deadly to go against them.

Y/N takes a moment to think about those kind of demon until he was interrupted by his uncle pat his shoulder.

Uncle: I know it may be a lot to take in about them. But I have no doubt that you won't be facing them sooner. But if you do, you must prepare yourself for whatever they have against you.

Y/N: Understood uncle- OW!-

His uncle smacks Y/N head.

Uncle: Address me as your master!- Now I want you to start running uphills and back. Keep doing that until sunset.


Uncle: Begin!

He whistle and we see a dog charging towards Y/N who starting to make a run for it as he screams while his uncle watches as he's drinking tea.

Uncle: Smirks. Oh that never gets old these days. Chuckles.


Its been days since Y/N retrieved his ores for his own sword and he's still recovering with some bandages on him. Thankfully for him, he doesn't need to train a lot when he came back. His uncle was relieved to see his nephew returns alive from the final selection and so now they celebrate by their dinner with their (F/F. Favorite Food).

C/N: Um uncle, don't you think its a lot of food for all of us?

Uncle: Nonsense, this is a celebration that you're cousin has completed the final selection. A task like this is not a easy path for the beginners. After all, he had nothing better to eat during the final selection isn't that right Y/N?

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