Chapter IV: Friends or foes

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Previously on demon slayer story...

Tanjiro tries to block the red arrow with his nichirin sword but the arrow still pushes him and he's about to hit the wall until someone caught him but still pushes both of them to the wall. At least it was little painless for Tanjiro. He then saw who saved him and made his eyes wide open noticing the familiar face.

Tanjiro: Shockingly surprise. Y-Y/N!?

Y/N: Groan. In the flesh. Things aren't looking well here. What's going on?

Tanjiro: Two of the demons came right towards us and started to attack us. My sister Nezuko is dealing with the other demon.

Y/N: Got some broken ribs but I can still fight. Let's take him out and help your sister.

Tanjiro: Right!

They both got in their stance and gets ready go against the demon.

Demon: another demon slayer? Grinn. Haha now this gets more interesting. I can kill two birds in one stone.

The scene faded to black and we now see both demon slayer fighting the arrow demon as it began to attack by shooting arrows in mid air.

Tanjiro: Watch out for the arrows, don't let any touch you!

Y/N: Confused. Arrows? What arrows?- Urgh!

Out of nowhere Y/N got push towards the tree with a huge force.

Tanjiro: Y/N!

Y/N: What the hell? I didn't see the demon do anything to attack. Unless its invisible.

As Y/N gets back up, he puts a blindfold on and sees red arrows flying all over them. He then looks at Tanjiro.

Y/N: I'm fine, I can see them now.

He then goes for the attack but then he sees another arrow coming towards him and so he then tries to block it.

Tanjiro: Dodges the arrows. Don't block them, it'll still affect you!

The arrow then pushes Y/N same as before but this time he resisted it by pushing back but still hits a wall except with a huge force.

Y/N: Groan. Good to know.

He then notice more arrows coming towards them and they both started dodging them.

Tanjiro: These things are so fast. It doesn't look like they'll go away until they hit us and our weapons won't do anything to them as soon as our weapons touches the arrows it'll carry us away until we crash to anything again. What can we do?

Another arrow was wrapped around Tanjiro left arm and started to squeeze.

Demon: Grinn. Its all going just how I planned. I'll be taking that arm along with your friends head too.

The arrow squeezes more until Tanjiro has an idea so he immediately ran towards the tree and does a back flip until the arrow disappears.

Demon: clever of you to spin the same direction as the arrow. Damn monkeys.

Tanjiro: I can't take a whole lot more of these attacks. We gotta get close to him!

Y/N: Tanjiro, I have an idea. I'll draw the arrows towards me while you find the opening. Just like last time!

Tanjiro: Got it! I'll adapt my moves.

Demon: Tch. Time for you two to die!

Y/N run toward the demon as he began to shoot multiple arrows toward him. This gave the opportunity to distract the demon while Tanjiro finds the opening.

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