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"You can't leave," Sunghoon said in a cold and deep voice, "Stay."

Jiwoo shut her eyes tightly, not wanting to see him anymore. Looking at him gave her thousands of butterflies in her stomach that kept flying around there like crazy.

"Look at me."

His voice made her nervous. She preferred to run away from here very fast now and she would not come back either.

She just wanted to be gone. Just gone and disappear.

Jiwoo bit her lower lip, which was trembling all over with fear.

"Open your eyes, Jiwoo! Look at me!" He shouted, angrily.

Only then did Jiwoo open her eyes, seeing that Sunghoon had now only come even closer to her face.

"What is it? I just want to go," Jiwoo gulped.

"Why do you want to go? And where do you want to go?" Sunghoon overwhelmed her with questions as he leaned his face closer and closer to Jiwoo. His lips almost touched her face.

Jiwoo gasped deeply and it felt like she was about to pass out. He had never been this close to her before.

Sunghoon saw Jiwoo shaking. His lips curved into a smirk. "Am I making you nervous?" He whispered in Jiwoo's ear. After that sentence, a soft chuckle of him sounded.

His deep voice and his chuckle gave her chills all over her body. It also gave her goosebumps. "Enough," Jiwoo said and pushed Sunghoon away from her by pushing on his chest, "I'm leaving."

Jiwoo quickly turned herself around and opened the bedroom door without hesitation. Quickly, she rushed out of the room, down the stairs.

The butterflies in her stomach had gone insane. She could feel nothing but tickling.

Sunghoon, whom she had left behind, stood watching to see how fast she had to get away from him. Even though she didn't answer his question, the answer was obvious. She had indeed been made nervous by him.

He chuckled once again before walking out of the room as well. "You're really something, Yang Jiwoo."


When Jiwoo was finally downstairs, she ran towards Eunji. She pulled on the sleeve of her sweater to get her attention. Eunji was startled and quickly turned her head toward Jiwoo. "What-"

"Let's go," Jiwoo said as she kept pulling on Eunji's sleeve.


"That doesn't matter, let's just go and-"

"But I want to stay!" Eunji interrupted her best friend.

Jiwoo fell silent. "But-"

Suddenly there was a sound of a door being slammed very loudly. All three people in the room startled and turned to the source from which the sound came.

They saw none other than Sunghoon who had just slipped his hand off the doorknob and then leaned his back against the door. His arms crossed over each other. "I agree with Eunji," Sunghoon said as his lips curved into a smirk, "Why don't you stay, Jiwoo?"

Jiwoo rolled her eyes before walking towards the door that Sunghoon was standing against. "Get out of my way," She commanded when she had reached him as she gave him a small push in his hip to get him to step aside.

Sunghoon chuckled and looked at how hopelessly Jiwoo was trying to push him, "How about no?" He answered.

She stopped pushing Sunghoon, knowing that she wouldn't succeed anyway because she wasn't strong enough. She looked up at him in disbelief. His smirk on his face grew wider and wider.

"I swear, don't go trying to walk around acting funny when you're not," Jiwoo muttered quietly in an angry tone, just so Eunji and Jay, who were standing a distance away, couldn't hear, "You irritate me to death. Let me-"

Before Jiwoo could finish her sentence, he wrapped his arms around Jiwoo's waist and turned her around, startling her. Now her back was against the door.

"Why don't you stay, Jiwoo?" One more time he repeated his sentence he said earlier as he leaned his face closer to hers, still wearing his smirk.

Jiwoo swallowed, still feeling his arms around her waist. She looked to the side, seeing that Eunji and Jay were staring at them with widened eyes. They were clearly shocked.

Quickly, with her own hands, she pushed Sunghoon's arms away from her waist.

"No," Jiwoo replied a moment later while her face only expressed irritation and anger, "I'm not staying. I'm going home."

"Jiwoo..." Eunji still tried to get her to stay by calling her name. Quickly she tried to run to her, but before she could even get to her at all, Jiwoo turned herself around and walked out the door. A moment later, the front door was heard shutting loudly.

Everyone in the room sighed except Sunghoon. He was watching her through the window as Jiwoo tried to get away as quickly as possible by running across the street while attempting to put on her coat at the same time.

Jay turned his head toward his best friend, "What happened upstairs?"

"Huh?" Sunghoon looked back at him as he shoved a chair from the dining table backwards and then sat down on it. Throwing one leg over the other, he looked at Jay nonchalantly, acting as if nothing had happened.

"You know quite well what I asked. What happened upstairs between you two?"

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