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They say after you die, your body decomposes and your soul is set free from this realm.

It moves onto other things which we do not know and have not experienced yet.

All we do know is that the soul always moves on.

Atleast it should..
No soul deserves to be trapped in a place that it perished.
So whether it moves into a heaven or another life, we'll never know.

A soul will never stay more than a few months, a year at most, in this realm.

That's almost always the case.
But we do have those few anomaly's.

The few souls who can't accept their death.
Who find it unfair.
Who won't move on unless they get an answer.
Unless someone pays.

Then they turn into spirits.

Those spirits can always redeem themselves and move on.. before they turn into demons.

Who knows..
Maybe if their will to live is powerful enough, the grim reaper himself will grant them another chance at life.

But of course!
A soul turning into a spirit is very rare!
And a spirit turning into a demon has almost a zero chance of happening!

So this story.. is a rare case.

Regular POV

"So Y/n did you hear?"
"Hear what?"
"You know.. the rumor"

You were sitting with a group of friends at lunch. One of the girls pulled out a key.

"There's a rumor about an abandoned building just in the woods behind our school.." She grinned and the other girls giggled.
"They say it's haunted by a spirit of a boy who was just around our age. They say he was brutally murdered but no one knows who did it."
"That's just a scary legend" You laughed and she shook her head.
"Let me finish. They say he's actually nice and if you go, he'll grant you a wish if you keep him company~"

You gave her a dumb look.
"And why exactly do you have the key?"
She looked to the side with a nervous smile. "I may or may not have taken it from the janitors closet. Look! It's really old and rusty too! Just like the building.."

She dropped the key in your hand.

"Lila, why are you giving me this?" You questioned.
"You said you were bored with life, right?"
"I said bored.. not suicidal" You rolled your eyes and Lila laughed.
"Are you scared Y/n? I told you he's nice!"
"I don't know.. spirits aren't suppose to be nice though? If they were nice.. their souls would have already moved on, right?"
"I don't know" she shrugged, "But you should check it out, after all.. any wish you'd like~"

Any wish?
It's probably just a dumb rumor anyway..

"Why don't you guys come with me?"

They all gave each other a look.

"Well I stole the key for you" Lila excused and you rolled your eyes.
"How is that an answer?"

Maybe.. I could wish for success? Or maybe something greater!!
Maybe even my soulmate..

"I'll think about it.."


After school you headed in the direction of the rumor and into the woods.
Your destination was the old building which use to be the old school.
You would've never considered in your life going towards it..

Except for one part of the rumor which stood out to you.

"He's a nice ghost"
"He's a kind spirit"

In almost every rumor you heard, the spirit was always nice.

You found it strange, it made no sense.

The more you thought about it, the more curious you became.
But if he was really nice.. wouldn't he had already forgave and moved on?

If the rumor was true, then you just needed to keep him company and you'd get any wish.
And yes, you were bored with life..
It was disappointing you.
Part of you hoped the rumor was true despite it sounding impossible.

You walked for a while and your heart jumped after spotting the building.

It's.. really here?

It was bigger than you expected.
It had alot of windows and the walls looked decayed.
Some windows were broke and there was graffiti on the wall.

If it was night.. it would've been a lot harder to go in the place.

You made it to the front entrance.
Two double doors.
Just as you were about to pull out the key, one door opened for you.

Creepy.. I'll be in and out before dark.

You took a step inside and there was a chill atmosphere.
Sure enough it was the school.
You didn't have time to look around as much since leaves began blowing.
It was distracting.
Usually that wouldn't have been abnormal because of the draft but.. they blew in a strange manner.

They sort of circled around down a long hall.

Do I follow?

It was obvious someone was there.
Or atleast something, they even held the door open for you.

You followed the leaves that went down a left hall then a right.
It led to a door which you opened.
Inside were a bunch of desks that were thrown over. Papers were blown around and chairs were flung across the room.

You gripped your buttoned uniform with nervousness. The vibe of the eerie classroom made you want to turn around, but the wind and leaves kept hitting what seemed to be a teachers desk.
You looked around it a bit but saw nothing.

That's when you sat up and opened the drawer on the right.

Shaman beads..

Before grabbing the beads, you looked in the left drawer which made your heart drop.

I-It's a bloody knife..

You shut the drawer and grabbed the beads.
You put them around your neck and the atmosphere was lifted immediately. Although it became a little to quiet for comfort.

Was something suppose to happen or?

You walked from behind the desk and paused when you heard a creak. You looked slowly at the door and there was nothing.

"Hello there~"

You jumped and fell backwards on the ground. There was an entity floating right above you. You looked up at his transparent body, yet you could still make out colors.
"Y-You're.. I can see you.."
The boy smiled and floated down to the floor.

"Of course silly~ You have the shaman beads.."

And the story begins! Welcome and enjoy ❤️

(This story does not relate to my other books)

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