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"Of course silly~ You have the shaman beads.."

You scooted your body away from the spirit as it floated closer.
"Did I scare you? I'm sorry, here let me help you up"

He held out a hand and you tried to grab it but.. it was as if you were gripping air.

"Oh.. yea.." he laughed a bit and you stood up.

You dusted off your skirt and looked back up.
You couldn't believe your eyes.

You could see him!
You could really see the spirit!

You looked closely at the barely visible colors of his body.
He had silverish black hair? Or was it brown?
You couldn't tell but his eyes were a bright hazel color. His hair fell in his face a bit as it was quite long.
His body structure seemed tall but you couldn't tell since he was floating in the air. He was wearing an unfamiliar navy school uniform.

You thought you saw a wound by his neck but he quickly pulled up his collar.

"You're the first person to visit me! Everyone else always gets scared when I open the door for them.." he pouted a bit before smiling.
He floated over to you and you backed away.
"I won't hurt you. Let me guess.. you want me to grant you a wish?"
You nodded and he smiled.
"First.. can I know your name?"

"Y/n L/n" You stated.
"That's a pretty name Y/n"
"Oh.. thank you" You smiled a bit at the random compliment, "Can I know yours?"
"Of course.. It's Vice"
"Vice?" you giggled a bit and he seemed to blush embarrassed.
"Yes Vice!"

Vice floated to the other side of the room and smiled.
"Alright Y/n.. a wish? First you have to do something for me.."
"What is it?" You asked excited and he pointed at the beads you had.
"A shaman came by years ago and dropped those beads off for me. He said it was because he wanted me to move on or something.." he made a puzzled face as he smiled.

The spirit leaned back in the air as he continued to talk.
"I'm sure that shaman had a um.. what are they called? Temples? Shrine maybe? I'm sorry I forgot.. but I'm sure he had one around this area.."

You backed up a bit as he came closer.

His eyes almost buried into your soul as he lingered above you.

"I want to speak to that shaman, maybe he can bring a different type of bead so I can touch and/or leave this building"
"Ah.. alright I'll find him for you Vice" you told him and he smiled.
"Yay! How sweet of you! Also.. I want company so you have to come back really often!!"

It was as if he was a child honestly.
But he was nice like the rumors said which was uncommon for a spirit, although somewhat comforting.

You exited the building.
You looked up and the sun was starting to set.

You could've went straight home but what good would that do?
After all you'd be alone..

You walked out the woods and down a street for a bit when you remembered an old shaman temple nearby..
It was late but it's not like it was a store that had closing hours right?


After about 15 minutes you made it to the temple but now it was completely dark out and the stars lit up the sky.
You knocked once to no answer.
You knocked again.

No answer.

Man.. what a waste of time..

You turned around and heard a door swing open.

You were a bit surprised.
You expected an old limp over man with grey hair but it was a young boy around your age.
"Um.." you mustered out and he was a bit annoyed.
"Why are you out so late? It's dangerous for a school girl.."

He grabbed your arm and pulled you inside the brightly lit temple.
"Seriously?" The boy let out frustrated.

He was wearing traditional attire and Geta shoes which were brown. He had Maroon beads around his neck which were similar to the ones you had on.
The room you were in was big and lit up. You were sitting on the carpet looking up at the heated brown haired boy.

"Excuse me.."
"Yes?" He asked in a passive aggressive way.
"I'm looking for a Shaman"
"Well you're looking at him.."
He leaned against the wall and you ignored his attitude.
"I'm looking for a specific shaman" You corrected yourself and he smirked.
"I'm the only shaman around here.. my grandfather died a few years back if that's who your referring too.."

Dammit.. what do I do now??
Without you realizing, the boy had gotten closer and was touching the beads around your neck.
He looked up at you with a snap.
"Where'd you get these?"
"A spirit said your grandfather gave them to him.. he wanted me to bring the same shaman to speak with him.."

The boys face lit up and he stood to his feet.
"Is this that rumored ghost in the old school?"

You nodded and the shaman left the room. When he came back he had a wooden box.
"I can't believe it's true! My grandfather gave me this box with special beads.. just in case you know? He always said he felt bad for that spirit in particular.."

His eyes twinkled as he told the story and you stood up curious.
"Let's go right now!" He exclaimed ecstatic and immediately afterwards lighting crashed down.

"You've got to be kidding me.."


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