Chapter 9: Minor Payback

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After school was over Adrien had only left with a warning, though Felix had other plans for him. Before Adrien could leave Felix body slammed him to the ground and held him by the collar.

"What the hell is your problem!" Felix yelled at him, "I told you to stay the hell away from my girlfriend and you try to kidnap her!"

Adrien was in a frenzy of fear, he had never seen Felix this angry, "What the hell man get off of me!"

Felix punched Adrien and yelled, "I'm warning you Agreste touch her again and I will be forced to take extreme measures."

Adrien rolled his eyes as he smirked, "Oh yeah like what exactly? Besides who knows maybe next time she won't be by you anymore, by then I'll probably have a taste of her already."

Felix saw red, he started blindly punching him not caring that the boy had gone unconscious. Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura noticed this as they were leaving the building and rushed to get Felix off of him. Sakura who was about to help him was stopped by Sasuke.

"SAKURA! Don't you dare touch him!"

Sakura looked back at him and stated, "But he's hurt!"

"I don't care if he's hurt, dead or hell knows what, but you are not touching him!" Sasuke yelled, Sasuke looked at other students and ordered them to call an ambulance.

The frightened student fumbled with his phone as he called an ambulance.

Once the ambulance arrived, they quickly got him on the stretcher. The paramedics asked what had happened, but no one answered. When the others came out, they noticed that Felix was still agitated, and Adrien was being pushed into the ambulance and Sakura and Sasuke arguing while Naruto was busy trying to calm Felix down. They asked what happened and Sakura explained to them that they saw Felix punching the daylights out of him and that was it. Nathaniel then concluded that Adrien must have said something to provoke Felix since Felix is usually a calm person.

Naruto looked at Felix and said that they should split up, one group goes to check on Marinette, another goes to the hospital to check on Adrien while the other takes Felix home. It was decided that Sakura, Sasuke, and Nino goes to Marinette's place, Luka, Kagami and Nathaniel goes to Adrien and Juleka and Naruto goes with Felix to take him home. When Felix got home he was met with an angry Gabriel.

"Felix care to explain why I got a phone call and was told that Adrien is in the hospital?"

Felix sighed and said, "Of course uncle, why don't we head to the living room so I can explain what happened."

He looked at Naruto and Juleka and thanked them and told them that he would be fine and that they should go home. Naruto and Juleka nodded and told him to call them if he needed anything.

Felix followed Gabriel into the living room, Felix stood there in front of Gabriel unfazed.

"Felix, would you like to explain what happened?"

Felix cleared his throat and explained what happened and what his reason for doing so was. Gabriel was of course livid after knowing what his son was did. He ordered Nathaiel to prepare the car.

Felix smirked if he was sure of one thing is that no matter how perfect Adrien tried to present himself to others will always see him as the lesser cousin. No matter what Felix had always been the perfect boy since they were kids able to convince other people in ways his cousin couldn't.

Felix quickly went to his room and got changed, afterwards he went to Marinette's place to make sure that she was alright.

When he got there, he saw that Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto and Chloe were still in the living room. He asked if Marinette was upstairs, Chloe answered saying that Marinette is wake but won't speak with anyone, Sakura took note and stated that there was a possibility that what happened trigger her past trauma, Sasuke gave him a worried look and said,

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