Chapter 18.

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Venti POV

As I woke up I felt someone on top of me. I slowly looked and opened my eyes to actually catch someone on top and looking straight at me.

It was Xiao. His face looked fragile and looked red. He was staring directly at me.. very closely.. His hand pinned my wrist on the bed sheets tightly as his head leaned closer and closer which made my face turned red.

"Huah-?! Xiao-!? What are you doin-"before I could say another word he then smashed his lips against mine.

I muffled as I could feel his tongue inside. My face burned up and my hand was shaking as I gasped for air. My eyes were tightly shut and my stomach were currently being filled with butterflies

I felt my arm slowly raising up to his head as if it was being controlled.

My arm then pressed his head closer for 5 seconds and I immediately retrieved it back.

What in the hell did I just do now..

And when I did that he parted his lips away from mine and looked at me. I slowly open my eyes and looked at him again as I was heavy breathing for air.

He scoffed and chuckled as he caressed my cheeks.

"aha~ you really wanna go further than this huh~? Alright then..~"he said while tracing circled on my chest. My lips quivered and my eyes were twitching as I face him.

"....Xiao I-"

"Shh~ I didn't even start yet,did I~?"And with that he started moving his hand down and down and then...

"Hey!"an echo came in.

"Venti wake up-"and again.

And there I opened my eyes to see I'm in reality. "Huh...was I asleep.?"I asked as I sat up from my back,still in my position on his laps.

"Yeah, you were gripping onto my shirt. Something came up in your dreams?"Xiao looked at me,raising one eyebrow up.

'Ah- so it was a dream..' I blushed as I thought about it.

I shook my head no and gave a grin. "No. I just fell asleep-sorry."I apologized.

He then touched my forehead like he was checking my temperature. "Your sweaty. Were you in a desert?"he joked.

"Huh-?! No! It was..something else"I crossed my arms.

"Uh-huh..well while you were sleeping I finished your work and here, take it"he handed me the homework.

I grabbed it from him and got off from his laps. Still feeling a bit sleepy.

"Ahh! Thanks Xiao!"I thanked him for doing my homework...while I was asleep on his laps.  "Yeah no problem. No go wash yourself up."he shooed me away and I proceed to take my leave.

As I washed myself ,I dressed up to my clothes and lye down on my bed. Looking at the ceiling.

For only about 000.1 seconds I started thinking about what I had dreamt a few hours ago. Oh my god..

I'm not gonna lie but it actually felt real. What the hell.. why am I thinking of this.

I can't tell if I enjoyed it or I was too traumatized of what I just seen.

Traumatized for sure.. right?

*knock knock knock*

The sound of a door effect came and thank goodness my mind has fade away from what I was thinking.

I got out and walked to my door and opened it.

When I opened it I saw Lumine standing in front of me. "Ye-oh hi Lumine. Why are you here?"

"Hi! I just came by to check on you and al-

"Aether kicked you out didn't he.."

"What!? Not my fault-! If his fat ass wouldn't bother me while I was cooking,the kitchen wouldn't be nearly on fire at the first place!"She yelled out.

"Shh-! Don't yell too loud. Xiao might be asleep right now."I whispered. "And why do you care??"

"So he uhh could have enough energy for tomorrow."

"Rightt anyways! Out of my way!"She shoved me away and let herself in my room.

"Wait-! Who even let you in!?"

"Xiao duhh. Then right after he went to his room."

"Well what do you wanna do..?"

"Truth or dare!"she exclaimed.

"Alrighty then-!"I agreed. We both sat at my bed criss cross and started asking each other some dares and truths.

It went quite well for about 18 minutes till she said. "Truth or dare?"she asked.

"Dare!"I answered

she took her time thinking on what she'll give me. "Hmmm"

Hopefully it's not too bad.


"I dare you to go to Xiao room and kiss him."

"If it's on the cheeks I will-"


This blonde ass bi-



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