XLV. Heart Ache

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Weekends go by really fast. Someone who thinks of 2 days as a long time to relax is often proved wrong once it's over. In just a snap, students and adults alike set aside their leisure for another week filled with errands.

But it looks like there is an opportunity for relaxation waiting for some students

"Get a chance to enjoy a three-day vacation by joining our raffle!"

"Instead of celebrating the school's foundation week on campus, sign up to join a trip to Jeju island - for free!!"

As part of her duties as a year-level representative, Aeri is promoting the school's very generous giveaway.

For the first time ever, the school will be picking 15 students among those who would sign up - those selected students will then be able to join a leisure excursion.

As expected, tons of students waited in line to write down their names on the registration sheets. I mean, who doesn't want a free vacation??

"What's this about?" a tall boy approached her and ask. It was Levi.

She smiled after hearing him. Just his voice alone makes her act like the simp she is. Plus, it made her extra happy that Levi is finally warming up to her.

Unlike previous days where she had to chase Levi just to be able to talk to him - Levi now also initiates conversations.

"It's a vacation giveaway. You should sign up!!" she responds to his question.

"Ehhh, I'll think about it. It would be awkward if none of my few friends sign up and then I win a slot."

"But if someone you know will go, would you go too?"

"Yeah sure, why not. That's if I win tho." Levi said as he started walking away from the booth. "Later." he says to Aeri.

She looked at him from her booth. As students come and go in front of her table to write on the paper, she takes out 2 pieces of paper from her folder - one being her accomplished field trip form.

Since she's part of the giveaway's organizing team - she already got herself a free trip.

The other paper was another form exactly like hers, but the fill-up parts are empty. She got a plus one form - allowing her to invite anyone she wants to.

A sticky note is attached to the upper right corner of it. In which it says -

"For Levi."


"Maybe we can go on a vacation after all. Have you seen the school give away booth?"

Little by little, Minji and Jungwon's friendship continues to grow. They've come a long way since that fight when Jungwon came back to Korea - look at them now, walking together after deciding to have breakfast together at the cafeteria since neither of them ate before going to school.

"I already signed up before we ate, you should go ahead and sign up too! It'd be fun if we can go on a vacation together!" Minji said enthusiastically.

"A vacation?? Together??" Jungwon said in his head, trying his best not to smile at the thought.

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