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Jimin's Pov

I try opening my eyes.

I see those red intoxicating eyes suddenly replaced by two dimples.

I instantly recognised his sweet smile.


"Shhhhh... Jiminie."

I hear a sob.

I turn on my left.

There he is.

I open my arms to engulf him in my embrace.

Hyung sits on my right side and take both of us in his warm hold.

He sighs is content.

Tae looks at me and whisper.

"I'm taking my revenge later."

He removes himself from hyung , wiping all his salty tears and pointing at me.

I and hyung chuckle at his childish behaviour.

Hyung ruffle our hair.

"I'll be right back."

We nod.

"You know what , I was super scared???! , I need to thanks Jin hyung later."

I smile lightly.

Thanks Jin hyung??

As I was going to question , Why??

Mrs.lee enter.

I can smell her special soup.

"How are you feeling , my child??"

"I'm strong Mrs.lee nothing can make me stumble."

"Sure my child."

"Tae help me , to feed him."

She said handling the bowl to tae with a spoon.

She pats my head.

"I'll be back sweetie."

She turn to exit.


She spins on my call.


"Doctor is still examining him."

I feel like shuting my body down , and drown in those red intoxicating eyes.

I feel uneasy.

I feel everything shattering , it's like I'm breathing but dead inside.

She gives me a small smile.

I nod as a retort.

She exit.

I turn when I feel something poking my lips.

I gulp the soup down.

I feel tears rolling down my cheeks like a rill.


Tae hugs me tightly.

"You remember , Once Namjoonie hyung said , 'HE IS THE MOST POWERFUL ALPHA'."

"Yeah , and then we fought with him , like all day."

"Saying , 'No it's you hyung!!!' , but he never approved it."

He chuckles , But I feel something damping my shirt.

I remove my self from him and hold his shoulders.

"Tae is everything alright??"

He just nods , and pushed himself harshly in my embrace , wailing loudly.

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