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This is for future fanfictions after this one. 

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Naruto x Tokyo mew mew

Starring Sakura Haruno

Ship: Ryou and Sakura

Age: Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce and Sakura – 16

Pudding – 14

Zakuro, Ryou – 18

Keiichiro – 21

Ninja world but slightly modern too, the elemental country is slightly of course from mainland Japan. Sakura heard her friends shit talk about her and decided to quit being a ninja, she asked Tsunade who was like a mother to her for permission to move, though Tsunade didn't want her to go after hearing Sakura's explanation she allowed her moved to Tokyo to start a new life.

There she stopped at a cute small café met Ichigo. While she was enjoying her cake and coffee, she suddenly felt an unusual chakra, Ryou was by Sakura and asked if everything was okay, she looked at him and said nothing was wring though her expression was still on high alert, when she ran out Masha then alerted that there was an alien nearby then Ryou took noticed of this and wondered if the girl knew something.

Ryou told the girls to go and they nodded but when they arrived at the scene they noticed that Sakura had beat them to it. They were amazed by how fast she was, not only that she was extremely strong as well, she was also able to read the alien's movements.

Ryou looked at her and wondered if she was also a mew but when he asked Keiichiro he said that there shouldn't be another mew. Ryou looked at Sakura and smirked in amusement. 


Chinese Celebrity fanfiction:

1. Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu) and Lin Yi

2. Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu) and Cai Xu Kun

3. Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu) and Jackson Wang

4. Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu) and Xiao Gui (Lil Ghost)

5. Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu) and Justin Huang

6. Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu) and Ryan Ding

7. Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu) and Dylan Wang

8. All of the above. 


Totoally spies :

1. Totally spies x Kim possible:

Sam, Clover and Alex were on a mission when they met Kim who was also on the same mission. And they decided to work together to catch them.



1. Aikatsu!

- Sakura Haruno

- Ship? Not sure yet but not sasusaku

- Highschool AU

After being betrayed by her friends Sakura decided to switch school. While looking at schools her mom suggested starlight academy. She auditioned for the school and passed there she met Ichigo, Ran and Aoi.


2. Naruto x Mermaid meoldy:

- Sasusaku

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