•Season 1 Chapter 8- Group Partner•

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|Season 1 Chapter 8 Started:|
|February 25, 2022 |
|Season 1 Chapter 8 Ended: |
|February 25, 2022 |
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|Words of this Chapter: 432 |
(Im so sorry idk what to do with this book anymore since im doing another one with plot 😭)

Today was Thursday and to say you were already sleepy at the first subject. Sad to say it's Physical Education.

You guys were exercising as you were sweating first thing in the morning.

After the exercise finished you drank water and used your towel to remove the sweat.

You all sat down at the stone floor.

"Okay class, Good work for the exercise. Today were gonna do a task you will need to do with your partner. You will video yourself doing these exercises with your partner and send it to my email." Said the teacher as some groaned.

All of you were given time to pick your partners and discuss with them for the whole period.

Xander went to you. Angel was following behind Xander and when Angel was asking Xander spoke.

"Hey let's be par-"
"Y/n let's be partners" said Xander as you nodded. Angel glared at you as she left storming away shouting at other students to move making the teacher give her detention.

Time passed ans you, Xander, and Keith are currently are in the cafeteria. Tomorrow is Friday and your excited for the weekend to have your sleep.

You guys were eating fried chicken and it was good. Silence enveloped the table though. Xander broke the deafening silence.

"Hey Y/n I'll bring you to my home then tomorrow after school." Informed Xander as you nodded. Keith was partnered with a male classmate named Zin.

You finished eating and put the tray to where everyone else puts it away. You then left and went to your next class as you yawned.

After class you went home. You were greetes by your mother as you greeted her back. You jumped to your bed not bothering to change since yiu were too sleepy. You then slept peacefully.

Xander went home as he was greeted by the maids and butlers. He went to his room and laid in his bed. He took a picture of yours from his table beside the bed. He stared at it touching your face in the picture. He then spoke.

"I hate it when Keith is around us. You might love him and I should be the only one to get your love. I should remove that trash just like I did to your old classmates who bad mouthed you."

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