New Begining

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Today, everything appeared especially lovely. The sky, the rain, the drops, his eyes, and himself. He was breathing quite quickly, and I could tell that he was feeling a little uneasy as his pals got out of the other car. The two of us were encircled by a group of four people in less than two seconds.

I could still vouch for the fact that I had him fixed in my mind's eye. It had taken me months to finally see him in front of my eyes, and now that it had, the wait seemed to have been worthwhile. He tucked a wet hair strand behind my ear and grinned at me, wiping the loneliness from his cheeks with his dimples.

Eran murmured, "You are so gorgeous," and I felt my heart skip a beat at the sound of his dulce de leche voice. I responded, "Thank you," as he grinned and flushed. My toes tingled when I realized that even I had an impact on him differently. He nervously ran his hand over his neck and then turned to face his friends. Could it be that he has a habit of doing that whenever he is nervous?

Eran introduced his friends as they all shook hands with me: "This is Hunter, this is Ricky, this is John, and this is Marky." Although they were all rather attractive, I could tell that Eran was the most attractive of the group and that the other men were jealous of him. "I'm.." Ricky interrupted me as I was laughing, "Rose! Our Jack's Rose!" I yelled, burying my face in my hands, "heyyy!!! stop!" as they all started laughing and Eran drew near, snuggling into my neck and giggling. At his smallest touch, shivers of want and love rushed down my spine.

As Eran took my hands in his and guided me to his car, everyone sent me well wishes one at a time. His hands were the ideal fusion of coziness and affection. After the experience with my ex, I can still recall becoming afraid of touches. With Eran, however, it was different. He seemed to be infused with a golden glow of tranquility and purity, which gave me a sense of security. He pulled out a large cake and set the candles on it before setting it in the trunk of his car.

The cake was lovely. It was a chocolate lava cake with a rose-shaped design that was covered in tiny chocolate pearls. The cake had "Happy Birthday BabyRose" written on it, which made my heart and stomach flip. The molten cocoa lava poured out as soon as the velvety skin of the delectable chocolate cake was pierced by the knife. Eran lighted the candles, which caused the starry glitters to begin dispersing,lightening it everywhere. The popper then burst, releasing the  beautiful little fragments of colours everywhere.

I was transfixed by the shine of his eyes, and the three seconds of the sparkles felt to me like three hours passing slowly. He had the most lovely smile on his face, which made me swoon uncontrollably. After a while, Daisy wanted to take a lot of pictures, so I got preoccupied helping her when I realized Eran was suddenly out of sight. 

I noticed him slowly getting out of his car as he motioned for me to approach him.

"Are you happy? I couldn't get enough time to throw you a big party,I thought.." " Any time, day or year whenever I'll be around you, that is all I could ever wish for, that's all the birthday party I will ever need" I said as his smile began to wane a little and his eyes began to mist up a little and he pulled me in for a hug.

That hug felt like the most genuine one ever. The most sincere hug I've ever experienced was this one. Since now obviously I'm not going to change my clothes or take a shower after returning home, I knew, I'd have the most lovely night tonight. His perfume was now all over me now. "Okay so" said Eran as he bent down on his knees pulling a box out of his pocket as I sucked in my breath.

The soft rain was settling slowly around the corners of the sparkling object which shone it's shine towards my eyes. His beautiful eyes were fixed on his white shoes as he slowly started to shift his gaze towards me. I felt like he was staring right through the veil of grief in my eyes,directly towards my soul. It felt as if the stones in the ring had been carved into the most stunning shine i have ever seen.
It was the best definition for a minimalist but a classy jewel. But for me?

It was perfection ..

"Would you be my girlfriend and hold my hand till I gift my mother a perfect daughter in law for her?" he asked the question as my heart totally skipped a beat and my eyes were formed with tears containing millions of new dreams and hopes.

"Yes" I replied as I didn't even realise that I replied to him. "With this promise ring Rose, I promise to eternally be the source of your smiles, and to always protect you from any darknesses looming over you." stated Eran. There were no signs of anxiety anymore,there were no fear of getting betrayed and left over anymore. My faded walls of hopes and desperate lonely nights finally seemed to embrace the splashed colours of love.

I have been sleeping so deeply caged in my world of  sadness and solitary,anxious and crying in my dark nights that I feel like I have finally awoken,that the sun has finally risen defeating the dark magics of the night.

I have finally stepped in daylight..

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