•Season 1 Chapter 9- Picture of what?•

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|Season 1 Chapter 9 Started:|
|February 26, 2022 |
|Season 1 Chapter 9 Ended: |
|February 26, 2022 |
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(Also im planinng to discontinue this book but I'll probably try to finish season 1 first)

You just finished school as you waited for Xander to come get you. You saw his car as he opened the door for you. You went inside and sat smelling the car have a good scent. You sat comfortably as he started driving to his house.

You looked outisde the window to see the sky beautiful as ever. You wondered why Keith didn't come today at school though.

20 minutes passed and you saw the house of Xander as he parked.

You opened the door and stepped out of the car. The engine's noise went down as it was turned off.

You followed Xander to his house. Xander took his keys and opened it. There you saw the familliar living room you saw as a kid but it had now more furnishings and some replaced.

You sat down as Xander went to grab snacks and drinks for you two. You sat down at his gray comfortable couch. You yawned and saw Xander putting down the snacks.

You two planned on the exercises you two will be doing.

First Jumping jacks, pull up, jumping ropes, and more. Xander then readied his laptop to video. He also played a exercise song as you stood up and fixed your hair for exercising.

Xander went to your side as you two started exercising...

After finishing the video you removed your sweat with a towel as you drank water. You sighed as you closed your eyes.

It was already around 7:00 pm. Your stomach grumbled as it was hungry. Xander was at the kitchen making dinner as he suggested for you to stay.

You smelled the food and you were becoming more hungry since it smelled meat. After he finished cooking you two ate but you accidentally burned your tongue since you accidentally ate it while it's hot as Xander gave you cold water.

You two after finished eating sat at the tv watching random movies. Your parents allowed you to stay over the night and if Xander tried a move they said to kick his balls and leave.

You ate a popcorn as a sad scene came up. You heard sniffing and saw Xander blowing his nose to a tissue. You laughed at him as he glared at you.

You continued your laughing as he threw you his used tissue making you throw it to his face in disgust.

You then took an alcohol and wiped your shoulders and hands on where his tissue landed. He then threw his tissue to the trash can as he went to the bathroom to clean up his face.

You then looked at a drawer that's open and a picture book hanging. You looked at the bathroom and saw Xander still at the bathroom. You then went to the drawer closer and put inside the picture book as you closed the drawer.

You were curious but you didn't want to get caught looking around. You returned to the couch but felt tape on your hand. You looked at your hand and felt a hand took the tape but a picture was there. You didn't get a glimpse since Xander's hand covered it.

"What were you doing" asked Xander as he had a serious face. I shrugged at him.

"I saw a picture book and just closed it but didn't know a picture got into my hand." You told truthfully hoping he would believe. He nodded a d returned the picture at the drawer.

You then saw him came back to the couch as you sat down too.

"What's the picture about?" You asked as you were curious to what he's hiding. He shaked his head.

"It's nothing." He said. You looked at the drawer but sighed.

Just what was in that picture he's hiding

Im so sorry everyone I'm too distracted to make chapters for a new book💀. Its still in my drafts and im posting it when it's done-

This is what it looks like rn and it has 10 chapters for the moment-

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This is what it looks like rn and it has 10 chapters for the moment-

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