10) Fourteen days!

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Grace's pov

I whimpered when he harshly grabbed my chin and turned my lips into pout.

His eyes lingered on my pouted lips as he stroked it with his thumb.

My heart started racing when he leaned down. Oh god! Please No... Please not lips.

He paused like he is thinking something, his eyes held mistery. Suddenly he let me go and stepped back. 

He mumbled something in Italian and stormed out of the washroom. I sighed in relief when he closed the door with loud this.

What's his problem, i know I am no one to him but least he can do is treat me with respect. Or May be i am expecting too much from him, i should be thankful that I am still alive.

Whatever, I am not hungry for his respect.
anyway, 14 days and it will be over.

I quickly wore my clothes and head downstairs to meet Martha. She was in the kitchen, instructing something to other maids.

I smiled when she looked at me.
"Good morning"

"Good morning Grace..."
She smiled sweetly.
"Why your hair are still wet, you will catch cold dear.
She asked and it feels good when someone cares about your health.

After mom no one is there to care for me. Dad can't even take care of himself so he doesn't have time for me.

"I am used to it... I'll be fine."
I replied.

"Okay... Come sit, I'll give you breakfast."
She replied and hesitantly sat on the chair. There is small table in the kitchen which I assume to be for cutting vegitables and preparing other things for food.

I don't know if he knows about it or not. I am supposed to leave his house as soon as he is done with me.

"What are you thinking about dear?... You look stressed..."
She asked placing the plate in front of me and sat in front of me.

"I don't know if he likes it or not, I am eating in his house without his permission."
I spoke my mind.

Martha chuckled.
"If you are still sitting here then he wants you to eat here... Trust me nothing happens in this house without his permission."

"It means he knows that I am in the kitchen."
I asked little shocked. Why would he allow me?.

Martha cocked her eyebrows towards the ceiling and i followed the direction of her eyes.

My eyebrows furrowed when I saw the cctv camera. I just hope his bedroom doesn't have one. Only thought is terrifying.

Okay, so he knows I am here and he has no problem with it so I can eat Martha's tasty food. Small smile played on my lips and I started eating. I didn't know I was this much hungry.

"You have magic in your hands Martha... I love you"
I said and she smiled at me.

"Thank you."
She replied.
"Grace, you haven't told me what's going on between you too... I mean i can tell that you are not prostitute and definitely not his lover then who are you?... Don't take me wrong but fear in your eyes makes me worried for you."
She asked.

My appetite disappeared when she asked me that question.
"I don't know who am I Martha..."
I looked down, i don't want to show her helplessness in my eyes.
"But I can't tell you anything, I am not allowed to talk about it."
Gomez has warned me that no one should know about this contract.

"I understand... Forget i asked."
She squeezed my hand assuringly.
"Just take care of yourself..."

"Will he hurt me?"
I asked.

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