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I'll keep this very very short so for just a FEW months, I'm moving to Inkitt to complete tmahlq and that's all about it. Let me make some things clear. The whole tmahlq book you guys read here are in reality 3 books. So, I merged all three books of tmahlq and wrote it in one flow. It will go onto Amazon in a few months time as three parts and obviously I have made some changes, in all of them so you will expect a better content and a bit less cringe and some added parts as well especially
for Everleigh. Okay?

Now, tmahlq has basically 4 books. 3, you guys have already read over here. The fourth is a war book and don't worry, for all of you guys, I will start that book here. I will also be putting that book on Inkitt but many many people are here, so don't worry, the last book of tmahlq qill begin it's journey on wattpad first. So, until then, if you want to complete tmahlq for free, it's on Inkitt and I am updating very quickly for all of you guys to catch on. I think I am updating every chapter after 2 days so that you guys can catch up. I might not be posting the last chapter over there because of that copy girl on novelhd copying all of my work but you will read 99% of the book there for free. So hoping to catch you on Inkitt for just a few months, maybe 2 or 3 at the most. Then? Back to wattpad.

And and and, yes I regret one decision in my life which I carried out purely due to anger. My anger took the best of me and I deleted the excerpt book from here. So, what do you guys want? Should I again start the book here or not? Should I upload the previous ones which already were here or directly start from the new one? Or should I just do it on Inkitt. Let me know and thank you all for supporting me. See you in a few month's time back on Wattpad with the last book to Ashton's and Sophia's journey which is the war book. Title will be released soon but trust me, reading the WHOLE book before is necessary for you to understand the reason for the
biggest war between mafias. Peace!

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask Sashtians!

You can join my insta, fb group or even discord. Hope you enjoy.


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