Meanwhile In Another Universe #2

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"Look Zanba, all I'm saying is you should get rid of that experiment of yours. You heard what happened to y/n's friends." Yuki says with a sigh as he pinches the bridge of his nose while sitting in his office at the hospital.

"But... That thing took me ages to make...! Pun unattended."

"I know, and I appreciate it. But please get rid of it. Lock it up or throw it into the ocean. Do what you must before another incident like this happens again."

And then the phone call ends, making Zanba sigh with a pout,"Geez, the Boss Man sure is persistent." he admits as he stares at the orange leftover liquor in a vile. He hums in thought for a moment before a mischievous light bulb goes off with a grin decorating his face.

"I am so gonna het fired for this." he says as he takes the vile and makes his way out of the yakuza complex. He heads towards the destination in mind.

The bakery, A.K.A his boss's house.

His main target? Good old y/n.

"I've wanted to see what the kid was like as... Well, a kid." Zanba muses as he reached his destination and enters the establishment. To his utter luck, y/n was sitting there doing her homework while drinking a blueberry smoothie.

"Hey, hey, hey, kiddo!" Zanba greets as he sits in the same booth as y/n. So far it was only him and y/n in the café since it's a slow day today,"Huh? Zanba? What're you doing here, you don't normally don't come here?" y/n asks as she looks up from her work and pushes her glasses up.

"Oh, I just wanted to stop by and hi, and maybe grab myself a snack too." Zanba grins as quickly pulls out the vile just as y/n stood up,"Sure, what do you want?" she asks with a smile as she goes behind the counter to grab a medium sized box.

"I'll get a croissant filled with custard, a Nutella taiyaki, five macaroons and finally, a strawberry filled cupcake." Zanba quickly lists and while y/n got busy to gather up his orders, he took the chance to dump the rest of the de-aging potion into her smoothie and mix it well with the straw before acting innocent.

Y/n came back over to him with his boxed filled order and Zanba accepts it with a smile before giving her the necessary amount of money,"Thanks kiddo. I'll see you around~ Don't be a stranger now~" he says as he waves goodbye with an eery smile.

Y/n raises a brow at his behavior,"That guy seriously has issues." she sighs as she sits down and continues to do her homework, taking sips of her drink now and then. She then suddenly yawns as she gets drowsy and then slowly falls asleep.

When y/n opens her eyes again, she was confused about where she is and what's going on,"Where am I...?" she utters, her voice high and soft.

The potion has taken affect and y/n is now 8 years old once more.

"Mama? Papa?" she calls out, but there was no one in the café. Just her and her lonesome self, and that just makes her tear up,"Where are they...? Where's my parents...?" she cries as she gets out of the booth and walk out of the café.

She could immediately tell she wasn't in France with the way the structures of the buildings look and the fact that passerby are talking Japanese.

Y/n sniffles as she starts to look around,[If... If I'm not mistaken... Papa grew up in Japan... Which means, uncle should be here as well... But, where in Japan am I!?!?] she panics as more tears flows down her cheeks.

She's been walking about two hours now and she reaches a steep staircase leading up to a temple,"Maybe someone here can help me..." she mumbles as she walks up the stairs and is greeted by the sight of a group of guys hanging around, playing with a soccer ball.

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