11) caught!

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Grace's pov

I turned around and my eyes sparkled when I saw him. My favourite person.
I smiled.

Osman was in my college, we have studied together. We are friends but he didn't know that I have crush on him. He is Turkish, he has that typical Turkish look and I love it. He is tall and handsome.

He is sweet and caring. He always makes me smile. He used to help me in studies. His gentleness fluttered my heart and I started liking him.

But i couldn't confess, I was nervous and afraid that if he doesn't want me then it might ruin our friendship too.

Still, I was going to confess after completing my college but then everything changed all of a sudden. I didn't make any move, i Started ignoring his calls and messages.

I like him, i wanted to confess but how can I tell him that I am sleeping with someone else. He will hate me. I don't want to loose his friendship. After everything I changed my mind, i can't tell him what I feel about him.

May be later, when I am free from everything but not now.

He smiled charmingly.
"You seem to be very busy now a days... No calls, no messages and no meetings."

I smiled nervously.
"Sorry, i was little busy with new job..."
How can I tell him that I am trying to avoid him.
"How are you?"

"I am not okay."
He said.

"Why what happened?"
I asked with frown.

"I am feeling sad because my friend is ignoring me... We haven't had chat for almost 4 months and i am Missing her."
He teased and i smiled.

"Osman... I am sorry. I was just busy..."
I replied.

"No problem... Let's have a lunch together, it's been long... It's Sunday so you must be free."
He suggested.

I shook my head.
"No Osman, I___"

Before i answer he threw his hand on my shoulder like he does everytime.
"Come on... Few hours won't do anything... I know you are hard working and all but you shouldn't ignore your social life... We have lot to talk."
He pushed me inside his car and sat beside me.

"Osman, Can we do it some other time please..."
I said nervously. I don't know why but I am feeling scared.

Gomez has clearly told me that i shouldn't be hanging out with other men. I shouldn't talk or be friends with men. I don't know why but it was his first rule.

I will feel very bad for saying no to Osman but i don't want to get in problem. It will be just for some time, i just hope no one see us. After few minutes, i will make excuses and come back home.

Osman parked his car in front of big restaurant.
"Osman, it looks really expensive."
I stated.

Just like me he was also studying by student loan, we were used to do part time job to earn extra money. I know, he doesn't have money either. We used to make contro for food.

"Don't worry Grace... I am also doing job. Now I have money."
He laughed.
"Don't worry we won't be washing dishes there... Now please relax."

I released a Deep Sigh and smiled at him.
He opened the door for me and we walked inside.
"Grace, you look stressed... You are not talking free like before. Is everything ok?"
He asked as we sat at the table.

"I am fine, it's just because of workload..."
I trailed off.

He nodded in understanding and ordered our lunch. I am happy that I am meeting him after so long but I am scared too. I don't know why but it feels like someone is watching me.

"So where are you working?"
He asked and i looked at him.

"Umm___ I___ I am working in DMS Co. Ltd."
I answered nervously.

"Ohh... Very good. Now i can understand the work load... Actually i tried for that company but i couldn't pass the interview, you are lucky."
He smiled.

He has no idea why I am there.

I tried to finish my food as soon as possible. I just want to go home. May be I am anxious for no reason but i don't want to take risk.

We had random conversations and finally finished our lunch.

"Grace, I want to confess something... Actually I wanted to tell you this from the beginning but I was nervous so I am not going to waste more time now..."
He suddenly said and i gulped.

What he wants to confess?

"What is it?"
I asked.

Osman gently grabbed my hand and took a deep breath.
"Grace, I like you... Not as a friend but more than that... Would you like to date me?.."
He asked in one breath.

For a second i couldn't believe in my ears. My heart filled with happiness. He is my crush and he is asking me out.
For a second I felt like i have got the whole world. I feel special and Lucky.

Should I tell him that I like him too and i would love to date him. My face must be red with blush.
I tried but smile of my face disappeared when i thought about my current situation.

No! I can't date him. Not like this. I am sleeping with someone else. Osman will hate me. I can't keep him in the dark, i can't cheat. Osman deserves better.

I can't do this.

"Osman... I am sorry, I can't..."
I said with guilty face.

I want him too, i want to date him. I want to spend time with him. I like him. But i can't do anything about it. Tears pricked my eyes as it broke my heart. I would have been living a normal and happy life with Osman if it's not for him.

"I should leave..."
I mumbled and stood up.

As soon as I stood up he grabbed my hand and i turned around.
"Grace, I am sorry if I offended you... May be i crossed the limit but i thought you like me too..."

He kept saying something but i couldn't focus on him because I am literally shaken from within.

My heart almost stopped beating when I saw those blue eyes staring straight into my soul. My throat went dry and everything blurred for a second.

Chief! What is he doing here?

He is sitting across our table. He looks mad, vey mad. I gulped when I saw fury in his eyes and the way he crushed the glass in his fist, shows that I am in big trouble.

Gomez's words rang in my ears. He had warned me.
'Don't get involved with someone else Grace, you will dig your own grave... You can break any rule but not this. Keep it in mind, don't befriend other men..'

I don't know what's going to happen with me.

"I need to leave..."
I jerked my hand back from Osman's grip and ran outside. I heard Osman calling him but i ignored and kept running.

I don't want to face him, he will kill me. I don't want to die.

But nothing seemed to help, running couldn't save me. I went home but soon i got the message from Gomez that Chief has summoned me.

I had no choice but to go back to his mansion. It was already evening when I reached the mansion.
I am beyond scared. What will he do to me? I don't want to end up like other girls.

For a second i thought about running away but where I can go? There is no one who can save me from him.

One guard led me towards the unknown room. It wasn't his bedroom where he usually calls me.
My heart hammered in my ribcage as guard opened the door and pushed me inside.

I clutched on my dress with my sweaty hands as I met with the darkness. Is he here?
I quickly turned around when i heard someone locking the door.

Suddenly he switched on the lights and my eyes fell on him. My eyes widened in horror when I looked at the room where I am standing right now.

It's a BDSM room, the thing which scares me the most.

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