06 | reassemble

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        The remaining Wakandan soldiers and civilians who survived the snap went on with their day, a still new and awkward sense of normality surrounding them. The rest of the universe was just like them. Families and friends were ripped apart, physical bodies eliminated from existence. Not only people vanished but animals and plants went along with them. Different cities across Earth fought against the aftermath of the snap differently, some were cold and gloomy, others recovered quite well within five years.

It took those five years for a plan to finally rise within the remaining avengers. Time travel and retrieve the infinity stones to make their own snap and bring everyone safely back again. But a few sacrifices were made along the way.

Jordan let out a small breath as her foggy vision cleared up. She looked down at her hands while they reappeared out of thin air before opening and closing them into fists a few times. It felt like she had been detached from her body for a few second before regaining consciousness. She went to take a step forward, but dizziness hit her, making her trip over but a strong arm grabbed her by the waist. Glancing up through her hair, Bucky stood next her with his new vibranium around her stomach as he looked around with the same level of bewilderment.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, just..." She looked around with him. T'Challa emerged from some bushes, Sam walked towards them with Groot on his heels. Wanda sat on the ground a few feet away from the reuniting group with Vision laying lifeless beside her. "What happened?"

"Where are the rest?" Sam asked as he stood in front of Bucky.

None of the questions were answered. Everyone was too perplexed. They vanished a few moments ago and suddenly they came back like a snap of a finger.

T'Challa was the first one to move and walk out of the forest, they rest decided to follow him since this indeed was his land. Jordan advanced towards Wanda who still laid still next to her loved one. Jordan pursed her lips when Wanda raised her head to look at her. Jordan slowly let her hand out for the woman to grab. Wanda looked once more at Vision a few tears rolling down her cheeks before grabbing the girl's hand to help up from the ground. Jordan sent her a smile and said a small 'I'm sorry' before turning around to follow behind Bucky as they neared the barrier.

The king was received with open arms once the border tribe spotted him on the other side of the barrier. A new sense of tranquility went through the air at the arrival of their king. And at each second more Wakandan civilians started to reappear and reunite with their families and friends. Okoye had explained everything that happened after they fought Thanos and what had happened to the world. How they all disappeared for five years even though it felt like five seconds for them. Hence all the celebrating, T'Challa ordered once again for the soldiers to be ready and stay sharp.

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