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"You've got to be kidding me.."


Rain came pouring down soon after the thunder came.
You were forced to sit and wait for it to stop in the temple.

You sat across from the young shaman as he drank his tea.

"What's your name?"

He gave you a look as you broke the silence.
"Caide.." He looked to the side.
"Caide? Wait.. how do you pronounce that? Like Kaede or Chide? Or is it like Cade?" You asked confused and he scoffed.
"Doesn't matter because you'll be referring to me as sir.."
"Why in the world would I call you sir?!"
"I'm older.. plus it's called respect and as someone who's not a shaman, you will respect me.." He told you sternly and you began to get offended.
"What?! You're so.."

"What's your name?"

He ignored your complaining.


Caide analyzed you before scoffing.
"You go to the high school right? I can tell by your uniform"
You nodded and he laughed a bit.

It went silent again, but this time Caide broke it.

"Why are you helping this spirit? You do know they're basically evil right?"
"Well.. he's actually nice and he said he'll grant me a wish"
Caide laughed and smiled at you.
"Don't be so naive.. that's just a rumor, he can't really grant wishes~ And seriously nice? If he was so nice then what kind of grudge is he holding that keeps him in the earth realm?"

You bit your lip offended by his words.

"Well he's more nice than you!! You've been a jerk the entire time!"
"No I haven't.. what am I suppose to think when a random girl storms into my place just when the sun sets?"
"Some shaman you are.." you mumbled and he stood up.
"Show some respect!! After all I'm sheltering you in here!"

Lighting struck again and it didn't seem to want to lift anytime soon.

"Geez" He left the room and came back with a sleeping mat. "This is the mat I sleep on and this place is pretty small, so just lay on it for tonight. I can't send you out there with it dark and stormy like this. I'd be disowned by my ancestors" He sighed and sat criss crossed beside you.
"So if it wasn't for your ancestors you'd send me out?" You rolled your eyes and he ignored you. "If your hungry there's some fruit in the other room.."

You laid down and felt him staring down at you.
"Where are your parents?" He asked and you scoffed.
"Where are your parents?"

He laid down on the floor beside you.

"My grandfather had dealt with many spirits that have moved on.. but he said this one was special.. usual they would have a grudge you know? He said this one didn't.. that it was nice and kind hearted.."

Caides voice was soft now that he talked about the spirits. It was almost as if he was infatuated with what he did.

"Why didn't you go see the spirit yourself?" you questioned and he laughed deeply.
"I tried! As soon as the door opened by itself, I dipped!"
You laughed.
"But you're a shaman? You deal with spirits all the time?"
"I'm not as great as my grandfather.. he was amazing.."

You turned to face him and he was staring at the ceiling with a smile.
"What happened to him?"
"He.. passed" his smile faded and he looked at you. "Turn around! It's inappropriate enough that your staying the night!"
"W-What?!" You let out a bit flustered and he stood up.

Caide threw you a blanket and laid back down.
"We'll head over in the morning"
"I have school tomorrow.."
"Skip" he let out blankly.
"You don't go to school?"
"Never have. I don't need to when I have gods blessing"

Caide looked at you with a smirk.

"Pretty cool huh? I can see spirits without the help of blessed beads"
"I guess.." you turned a bit jealous as he let out a laugh.

Soon you drifted off to sleep.


That night you had a dream.
The only way you were able to wake up from it was if you died.
But it's not like you knew you were dreaming.
So you tried to survive.

Let's just say.. it was a very long night.


You woke up anxious and with a gasp.
Caide was already up and was cleaning some dust off curtains.
He looked at you and narrowed his eyes.

"Took you long enough!!"

His clothing were different!
Caide had on regular clothes, which was a surprise to you.
A black shirt and some knee length shorts.
"Why are you staring so hard? Go shower you stink!" he insulted.

You rolled your eyes.

"Well then where's the shower? I need clothes and a towel.." you stood up as he laughed.
"Shower? Sorry that's not a privilege we have here. Go outside to the running water fall in the back.. It's relatively warm right now so you better hurry. I'll bring you clothing and a towel"

You walked out the back and saw the waterfall he was talking about.
It wasn't big or fancy or anything but it was still pretty.
There were stones set up nicely and the sand had been raked beautifully, which you avoided stepping on. You stopped and looked at the large bonsai tree.

I've never seen one that big before..

You waited a bit but Caide was taking his time and you didn't want the water getting cold.
It had steam emitting from it which was unusual but you didn't question it as much.

You began undressing and set your clothes on the limb of the tree.
Soon you hopped in and it was more relaxing than you thought.
The warm water wrapped around your shoulders as you held your hair back. You dipped your whole face in and wiped the water from your eyes.

You watched little fishes swim, as your feet sat on the pebbles.

"Yea it's pretty nice.."
"I know right" You responded memorized and quickly snapped your head around.
"It's sir to you.." he spat and then took your clothes off the limb and set new ones. "Calm down would you? I can't see anything because of the steam.. not that I'd want too"

He had no reason to add that last part!!

"I'll wash your clothes so we can head out already"
"I-I'll wash them!!" You exclaimed embarrassed and he rolled his eyes.
"I actually have a washing machine and drier okay? It's not all traditional"

Caide left you with your own thoughts as you continued to soak in the soothing water.

Cuh- eye - duh
(Caide pronunciation)

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