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"The mafia and his lost queen" finally came to an end by my side. I will be editing the whole book again, making some changes and adding many more scenes before the book goes onto Amazon. As I told before, the whole book will be divided into three parts and will go onto Amazon as tmahlq part I, II and III. There is a fourth book in the tmahlq series with a DIFFERENT name and will be released later.

Now first I had in mind that I will write book 4 of the tmahlq series first but there are changes in the plan which I thought is better for you guys to know. The final book wouldn't start it's journey in 2022 sadly. I will be writing this book next year in 2023. BUT, in 2022, a new book is coming out, NOT part of the tmahlq series with a totally different plot and totally different characters. I will be starting that book in late June 2022 and once that is finished? Is when tmahlq last part will come out. Very very very excited for you guys to be with me on a total new adventure with new characters and new plot with many many plot twists which you readers by now must be damn familiar with.

Any guesses as to what major theme or storyline is of the new book? Tell me in the comments! Good luck in the guessing game. Love you guys loads.

And yes, it will be on Wattpad so don't worry. I am coming back in June for the main book. 🖤💕🖤💕🖤💕🖤💕🖤💕



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